5 ways of lowering DHT levels to help stop hair loss

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DHT, or 'dihydrotestosterone' is the most significant cause of hair loss, especially in men, and is the leading cause of the characteristic male pattern baldness. But there are ways of tackling DHT, both from within your body and directly on your scalp.

1. Saw palmetto
Saw palmetto is a plant extract that inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT. By taking around 1000 milligrams of saw palmetto extract a day you can successfully inhibit DHT production enough to stop hair loss. For the best results use a liquid supplement as this will go straight into the bloodstream where it will be taken where it is needed.

2. Reduce the amount of times you have sex or masturbate
During sex, testosterone levels increase in men. Upon ejaculation much of the testosterone is converted into DHT. According to some sources, fighters like Muhammed Ali and Bruce Lee used this to help them stay in their prime and fight well. Both had full thick heads of hair.

3. Use an anti-DHT shampoo
There are various hair loss shampoos available on the market. Look out for ones that contain ingredients that fight the effects of DHT. It's unlikely that any shampoo can actually 'destroy' or even remove DHT from the scalp, but there are many reputable brands claiming their shampoos have 'anti-DHT' properties.

4. Prescription hair loss medication
Prescription hair loss drugs work by altering your hormonal balance so that DHT levels are reduced. While these may be effective for some people the side effects can be unacceptable for many people. Make sure you thoroughly read and understand information about side effects before you start a course of hair loss medication.

5. Improve the efficiency of your liver
The liver processes used hormones. If the liver is over burdened or inefficient the result can be that DHT is sent to the skin to be released through the pores instead of being ejected via the primary channels of elimination.

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