How To Use Baking Soda To Reduce Acne

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What is acne and how to get rid of it?
Acne is a skin illness which affects many people nowadays. There are various types of this disorder. Acne can appear on a skin in advanced phase or in it's tender version. All acne problems can be cured with homemade acne remedies. People who are suffering from acne know that this skin disorder may be sometimes cured even for years. So it's good to find an effective treatment quick.

These days there are a lot of medicaments for acne in chemist's. But there are also homemade remedies which are very useful when somebody wants to get rid of pimples. Some people say that homemade treatments are less effective than medicaments. But this belief is mistaken. It has been proven by scientists that remedies made in a home way are also useful and are very effective. Moreover they are cheaper.

It is known that the easiest and most effective homemade treatment is made of baking soda. You don't have to spend a lot of money to prepare it and it is very easy to make. It is used by many people to treat pimples or scars. And they say that baking soda helps them to cure it. Baking soda can be used every that because it doesn't have drastic chemicals. Only people with very sensitive skin have to be careful because soda can burn their faces.

How to use baking soda?
First of all, you have to remove your make-up and clean your face carefully. Remember not to dry your face. Let it stay wet. Next step is to put four tablespoons of baking soda on your hand. After this add one teaspoon of water to the baking soda on your hand. But be careful. Don't make it too watery or too thick. Now put it on your face in a circulation motion. You have to keep it on the face for one or two minutes and wash it away with a warm water.

Don't forget that it is not good to leave baking soda on your face for a long time. Because the skin can get dry later. If you forget and it happens to you, it is advised to moisturize your face with a good cream.

It is not advised to use remedy of baking soda as a scrub. The main purpose of using baking soda is because it exfoliates skin and this process helps carry away the layer of cells which block pores. If someone still wants to use baking soda as a scrub, it is good to remember to add more water to a mixture. It has to look like glue. After preparing, apply it on your skin and rub it for ten minutes. Your skin will be very soft. You will see big difference compared with the scrubs bought in the store.

There are people who say that it is not advisable to use baking soda as acne treatment. They claim that baking soda may result in dryness and multiplying of bacteria because of pH imbalance. But this statement wasn't proven.

You can try to use baking soda as an acne remedy. It is very cheap and easy to get cooking ingredient. You can find it in every shop or even at your kitchen.

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