Cure Adult Acne - The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Adult Acne Forever

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If you wish to ever cure adult acne and finally get free of the burden of having breakouts all over your skin, you must start looking at acne through a different lens. The normal acne formula says something like:
Oil + dead skin + bacteria inside pores = immune response and formation of pimples
If there's more of all the above, there's more acne and larger breakouts. Not I'm not going to disagree with this formula. I mean, after all, it is pretty accurate. Dozens and maybe even hundreds of acne treatments this very day all focus on the three above elements. They either try to clear away the dead skin, wash away the oil or kill the bacteria to prevent pimples.
However all of these treatments completely ignore the most important factor about acne. It's really the key when it comes to acne because if you continue to ignore this, your acne will never go away.
The key for how to cure adult acne is to realize that the dead skin, oil and bacteria are all just symptoms of another problem. Just think about that for a second; when doctors treat an illness or disease, the first thing they always try to find out are the real problems. If the doctor only treats the symptoms and ignores the real problems, the disease will just keep coming back over and over again.
This is exactly what's happening to use with our acne; we focus on the symptoms (dead skin, oil, bacteria) and completely ignore the real problems. So what are the real problems? Well there are a few, in fact. One of the biggest culprit is a build up of hormones and toxins in our blood streams.
For instance, when we have to much insulin in our blood streams, our skin cells produce to much oil and they also die and clog up pores much faster than normal. Another problem is our diets in general; for many years our diets cause wild swings in our blood sugar and insulin levels. I'm sure you're familiar with the 2PM crash after eating lunch; that happens because the insulin in your blood stream has converted your food into energy and your blood has low blood sugar levels.
This is because our diets have to much processed junk in them; after eating a meal, our blood streams are literally flooded with insulin. These wild swings go back and forth for years and years, causing insulin resistance in our cells, which leads to even bigger swings and more insulin left in our blood streams.
On top of this insulin causing oily, dead skin, it also takes a toll on our cleaning organs and body in general. So not only does our body fail to clear out the insulin and other build up of crap in our blood, but it also allows the p. acnes bacteria to multiply wildly out of control on our skin. Just so you know, the p. acnes bacteria exists naturally on everyones skin; it's only when our body loses control does it become a problem.
So, essentially, all of these elements add up inside and produce the acne prone environment on our skin. But if we just look to our skin and no further, the acne will just keep coming back over and over! If you want to cure adult acne, you must address the real problems inside!

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