Easy How To Prevent Acne

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Do you know how to prevent acne. Here are below some tips:

1. Clean up your face regularly
Actually, the causes of the appearance of acne are the dirt and bacterium that stacked in your face. Clean your face with milk cleanser regularly will get rid of them. There is no acne in the face if there is no any bacterium and dirt stacked on it.

2. Avoid the hair in the face
During in all day long activity, we can't avoid the oily and dirty hair. From that reason, we must remember to not let the hair reach your face, because the dirt from the hair can be easily moved to your face, and produce acne then.

3. Wash up pillowcase and bed linen regularly
When we are sleeping, the unclean face and hair will cause dirt and germs devolve to the pillowcase and bed linen. If they are not washed regularly, the dirt will stick and pile up to face, and then we will get acne easily.

4. Drinking minimum 8 glasses of water per day
Drinking enough water will help our body to take any toxic and others harmful substance out.

5. Using acne preventive mask made from strawberry, avocado, banana, apple, tomato, jicama, cucumber or lemon.

6. Reducing the use of cosmetic
The using of cosmetic excessively and continuously will lead clog pores. Therefore, the air circulation is going down. Try to choose the cosmetic which is water based.

7. Avoid crushing the acne
Crushing the acne will cause the under layer of the skin is damaged. The damage will more severe if your hands are dirty, and there will be more acne in your face.

Homemade daily facial will help you reduce the acne. Have you got acne in your face? It's really fortunate if you haven't got it because it will lessen your confident. May be you want to use acne remedy as advertised on TV, but you are afraid with the unexpected result. Another option, if you go to the skin specialist doctor, you will spend more money.

In the following below, we inform you how to overcome with acne in natural ways with homemade daily facial. The ways are using honey mask and lemon. There is antiseptic substance in honey. It's really useful for eliminating the bacterium in your face that causes severe acne. The lemon water will decrease oil in your face and prevent the dirt stacked in your face.

The way how to make Lemon mask:
- Slice the lemon, and then squeeze it
- Then take 1 spoon of the lemon water
- Take 1 spoon of honey
- Mix those fluids above until mixed properly
- Apply to your face
- Avoid the eyes area
- Let it dry in 30 minutes
- Rinse with cold water

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