Is Neck Acne A Problem? You Can Fix It Now

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Neck acne is very common. It is always unsightly and often painful, and so there's a big incentive to get rid of it. Sadly, most sufferers never find a way to control their neck acne, and so just learn to live with it. It no longer has to be that way. There is now a proven treatment for eliminating neck acne.

Sebaceous glands secrete an oil that moisturises the skin. In acne sufferers, these glands have a genetic tendency to become overactive and produce excess oil when certain triggers exist in the body. That excess oil blocks pores in the skin, producing ideal conditions for bacteria, and creating an infection that develops into acne.

The neck is particularly prone to acne because it has a higher concentration of sebaceous glands under the skin compared to other areas of your body. The skin on your neck is also very sensitive because it is thin and delicate. You will already have found this out if you've suffered the irritation that results when powerful anti-acne products are applied to your neck. This area is also prone to perspiration, which, if it's making things worse, may increase the pressure to apply strong chemicals.

Many sufferers try to get rid of neck acne by controlling their sweat. Others go see a dermatologist or the local pharmacist and end up wasting money on high-priced chemicals and drugs. These options are largely ineffective because they target the symptoms of acne (e.g. the pimples and cysts that appear on the skin) but ignore its underlying causes, or triggers. The five most frequently occurring triggers are: an imbalance of hormones, stress, a build up of toxins in the blood, poor hygiene, and an unhealthy diet.

Your 'internal acne environment' is an extremely complex place as these triggers invariably interact, magnifying each other's impact on your acne problem. If you seriously want to get rid of neck acne, then you need a remedy that:

1. Neutralises all your acne triggers

2. Gets rid of acne quickly and permanently

3. Doesn't use prescription drugs or expensive chemicals that have potentially harmful side-effects

4. Also works on other parts of your body, such as the face and back, where acne can be especially bad

5. Makes you look better, feel better, and restores your self-esteem and confidence

6. Eliminates all types of skin acne, including severe forms such as cysts

7. Provides ongoing advice and support from competent health professionals

8. Is realistic and easy to include in your daily routines

9. Is easily adapted into a strategy that satisfies your body's unique requirements. After all, every person is unique

10. Re-establishes and maintains your body's natural internal balance

11. Is straightforward and follows a logical, systematic format

12. Turns your oily skin into one that is silky and even-toned.

The holistic method is a safe, natural alternative that has cured many sufferers of neck acne. It does not rely on pricey medications or creams; it is simple and produces quick results. Above all, the holistic approach can be customised to meet your body's specific needs and neutralise all the triggers that give rise to intractable neck acne. It is the preferred treatment of thousands of people, and will set you along the road to a future free of neck acne.

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