How Stress Causes The Onset Of Acne

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Stress and anxiety can be related to many health conditions like heart disease, hair loss, cancer, physical conditions and even acne breakouts. When you first visit a doctor, they will go through several questions to determine the cause of severe acne breakouts with the number one question being: Are you suffering from increase levels of stress?

Little is known on how stress and anxiety cause actual acne breakouts to occur but doctors have uncovered a correlation between acne and stress


Here is what we know:

Stress Increase Hormone Levels

Whenever you suffer from higher than normal levels of stress your body goes through a "flight or fight" response. During this stage your mind requires more than normal levels of hormone just in case you are pushed into a situation that you need extra levels of energy and power. This process releases more hormones from your androgen gland however when this increase in hormone levels occur, you are releasing more sebum, which is the hormone responsible for blocking follicles and clogging pores. Clogged pores leads to bacteria and oil build up which starts the development of acne.

Lack Of Sleep

When you can't sleep, your body doesn't have enough time to cleanse the body and rebuild dead skin cells. Whenever you suffer from acne, you run the risk of having scars left over on your skin. Sufficient amount of sleep allows your body to repair and remove these dead skin cells. Sleep also cleanses your body of toxins which normally would run through your blood stream clogging pores developing acne.

Stress Weakens Your Immune System

Research has been vast on the effects of stress on the immune system. What is known is, stress weakens your immune systems response to fight off infections and bacteria from within the blood stream. We also know that stress weakens the immune system by 40% which means that you have just decrease the ability for your body to fight off bacteria close to half.

What Can Be Done?'

There are several options available to you that will help you cope with stress. We are very lucky that we live in a time that much time and effort has been dedicated to stress and its impact on health. First, if you are suffering from stress, you have the option to talk to a therapist. People have been doing this for decades and it has been proven to get to the root of your stress cause. Once you have discovered the cause, you can than work at finding a solution. If a solution is not as simple as talk therapy, than your therapist has the ability to recommend some medication to help you get on the right track.

Secondly, the most beneficial would be to incorporate a exercise routine in your daily lifestyle. Exercise has been proven to combat stress by release pain killer into your blood stream known as endorphins. Endorphins have long been praised for reducing stress and boosting the immune system. It is recommended to add about 30-45 minutes of exercise to your lifestyle every two days minimum. However if you have the ability and time to incorporate more time, than this will benefit your fight to combat stress even more.

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