Simple But Extremely Helpful Home Remedies For Sore Feet

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So you have sore feet. There are some easy ways to take care of this right in the privacy of your own home. Here are the most basic and easiest methods.

The simple act of washing your feet well with warm water and drying them carefully afterward will soothe them. Clean your feet every day to avoid any problems. Sometimes an elderly or obese person has trouble reaching their feet, so using a scrubbie on a long handle will work well.

Elevate your feet by putting them up on a pillow or two. They should be raised above waist level and left there until any swelling comes down. This will help take the soreness out.

Soaking the feet in a container that is large enough to fit your foot comfortably. The water needs to be warm and some essential oils added or bath salts. Using hot water will not kill bacteria but it may cause a burn so the water should be warm and comfortable.

Sore feet can be caused from trimming the nails incorrectly. Only cut the nail straight across. Cutting the edges of the nail may cause it to grow into the skin eventually causing the nail to cut the skin. This could lead to complications like an infection.

Massaging your feet is always a good idea as it will not only soothe your sore feet, but make them much healthier. Home remedies for sore feet can be as simple as using a creamy, soothing ointment enriched with collagen. The best choice would be one that is made of natural oils like menthol, camphor and peppermint. This is a very refreshing formula and easy to use at home.

Another home remedy may sound a little odd but does seem to help. After washing your feet you are going to find a pair of comfortable cotton socks you can wear to bed for the night. Before putting the socks on, rub your feet with a hunk of solid shortening. Apply this generously making sure to cover every inch of your foot. In the morning when you remove the socks your feet will be much softer. You can do this when needed. If you can't stand using shortening, try using Vaseline.

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