How To Treat Acne During Menopause

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Menopausal acne is a troubling but real menace to older women. The onset of acne is due to the changing hormone levels that women experience during this phase of their lives. Fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone cause effects that create a number of changes in the skin making acne a frequent symptom of menopause.
Women go through many changes during the period of menopause due to pronounced hormone imbalance, many of which can produce changes in your skin. It can get dry and lack collagen which produce wrinkling. It can also increase sebum (face oil) output which produces acne. Furthermore, these results can combine to make acne scarring a concern as well. The matter is how to treat adult acne and the answer is to make some changes to your lifestyle and skin care routine, assessing your diet, water intake, active lifestyle, and skin care regiment.
Acne prevention starts with assessing your diet. Elevated sugar consumption can increase insulin and testosterone levels which produce breakouts. Also, ensure you are getting plenty of vitamins A, B, and C to promote healthy skin. And for general health as well as the health of your skin, curb your intake of fat and carbohydrates and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, keeping away from processed foods as much as possible.
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It is also important to exfoliate. Higher sebum production causes oily skin and a build up of dead skin cells, therefore it is important to exfoliate with mild products. It is not necessary to use harsh formulas that will irritate your already vulnerable skin. A natural scrub of salt or sugar can remove dead skin cells and unblock pores.
Another very imperative tip to treat menopausal acne is to drink water! It is suggested that you drink eight cups every day. This will eliminate impurities that lead to breakouts.
Exercise is also very imperative for your health and particularly for your skin during the phase of menopause. It will help even out hormone levels and decrease stress as well as better circulation, all of which are helpful for the skin.
Finally, you should stay away from heavy makeup and moisturizing creams and concentrate your routine around natural skin care. The appropriate skin care products such as adult acne cream and acne scars cream are imperative to treat present acne and avoid future breakouts and scarring.

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