Consumers Tire Of Celebrity Acne Treatment Endorsements

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We have all seen the commercials, the popular singer / actress whos life was forever changed by this particular acne system or acne cream. The right balance of age, popularity and beauty and celebrities are often targeted by skin care companies to endorse their product. Acne cream companies are willing to pay up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to have these celebs say that they use and love the product. Obviously the money spent has been well worth their investment as these products often become the most popular, but as you can imagine that does not mean that they are the most effective products available. As the lack of results pile up along with frustrated consumers, the public is growing very tired of these celebrity endorsed products, and rightfully so.

Celebrity endorsed products is nothing new in our society and most consumers know that this is nothing more than a endorsement in exchange for money. But when it comes to some products that use this celebrity endorsement to counteract the fact that they are including some very harmful ingredients it is just not acceptable. Polls show that consumers are much less likely to pay attention to the minor details when purchasing products they believe are used by their favorite celebrity. And believe me these companies are aware of exactly what they are doing.

Many acne cream companies are guilty of trying to disguise the fact that they are still using the harmful, chemical based Benzoyl Peroxide. The FDA has had findings for almost 15years condemning the use of this ingredient as potentially harmful. While they are still conducting further tests to uncover the precise amount of damage it can cause in the long run, companies have been mandated to disclose the potential dangers of this ingredient. If the average consumer was made aware that Benzoyl Peroxide actually has proven to cause tumors in the skin, or that its presence in your skin generates free radicals, causing severe premature aging chances are it would affect sales volume.

For that reason, as well as others, acne cream companies flood the media with celebrity endorsements, lengthy infomercials and heartfelt testimonials from your favorite star. It distracts the consumers from paying attention to what matters. Sure you may receive some benefits from the treatment, but at what cost. If you are a sufferer of acne, you understand that you use these products a lot, multiple times a day. That type of exposure to something as harmful as Benzoyl Peroxide can results in a rapid deterioration of the health of your skin. That does not make the use of this brand attractive at all, not without a little misdirection.

As consumers we must be aware of the products we purchase, and yes we have agencies like the FDA to make sure we don't use products that will hurt us. But when it comes to long term damage, it takes years to conduct the testing, and in this case millions of people are exposed to this ingredient while the FDA finishes the research. In these instances, we must be sure we take care of ourselves. Do not be swayed by companies using celebrity endorsements to cover up the fact that they are using an ingredient as harmful as Benzoyl Peroxide. Find quality brands with a reputation for the highest quality products and you should be fine. But even then be sure to avoid these ingredients and use something more natural like Resveratrol, you only have one set of skin, do not make the mistake of harming yours.

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