6 Common Natural Adult Acne Treatment

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While acne is considered primarily a teen' problem, many adults often experience acne as well. It can be more difficult for adults, because it is expected that acne will vanish after the teen years are over. There are some very simple, yet effective natural cures for acne that are available in the market. There are also some ingredients that you have in your own house, which you can use to cure acne naturally.

1. One of the most common natural treatments that will work for adult acne is honey. Mixed with a bit of cinnamon and rubbed on the affected site, honey will naturally moisturize the skin while the cinnamon attacks the bacteria that cause adult acne. Another natural treatment is lemon juice. By rubbing lemon juice on the affected site, the bacteria are killed and the oil is absorbed so that the skin can heal. Peroxide works as well, but can sometimes result in peeling skin.

2. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eat fiber rich foods like lentils and whole grains. Avoid fried foods and refined sugar. Alcohol and smoking is a big no too. Decrease the intake of tea, coffee and carbonated drinks. Instead shift to herbal tea or green tea. There are antioxidants present in green tea which prevent acne breakout. Make juices from wheat grass, aloe vera and lime an important part of your diet as they all have acne healing properties. Eat 3-4 cloves of garlic daily. It will help to boost the immune system and make the body strong enough to kill the acne inducing bacteria. Including these natural products in your diet is one of the most beneficial home remedies for back acne.

3. Detoxification - this is another great natural acne cure. It's as simple as eliminating toxins just by drinking 8-10 glasses or about 1.5 liters of water daily. If you want to take it up one step further, then you can do a fast where you are only drinking water or fruit juices for that day. If you are not up to fasting, then you just increase your intake of water and eat more raw vegetables and fruits. Once you eliminate toxins, your pimples will magically disappear. You can also take vitamins to speed up the detox process.

4. Water is often overlooked as a cure for acne, but our skin is the largest organ on our body. It is a known fact that organs cannot function without enough water, and by getting plenty of water, you flush your skin of toxins and bacteria. Individuals should be getting at least eight glasses of water each day. Not only will this help smooth the skin and make it appear younger, but it has a whole range of other health benefits as well.

5. In terms of diet replace inflammatory foods with anti-inflammatory foods. Replace high GI foods with low or moderate GI foods. As a rule of thumb processed foods are inflammatory and lead to insulin resistance. Whole foods in their natural state are often anti-inflammatory and don't have such drastic effect on blood sugar levels. Though you can find few exceptions to this. Also think of reducing or cutting out common allergenic foods. Wheat and dairy are especially bad for many acne victims.
In terms of other lifestyle choices try to find a way to stop as many of your bad habits as possible. Instead build healthier habits. Regular exercise and sleep are especially important for health and curing acne.

6. Masks: They are considered as one of the best acne treatments and have proven to be magically effective if used at regular intervals. Masks can be easily made at home using the materials available in your kitchen. Apply them evenly on your back either yourself or with the help of a partner to achieve best results. Here are some easy masks that you can easily make and use.

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