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The skin is the largest organ in the body, it is the most visible parts of the body, so it only makes sense that we care for it. Everyone has had trouble with acne at least once in their lifetime.

Acne is a common and dreadful skin disorder that affects millions of people all over the world. It can cause both physical and psychological symptoms. Acne affects people from all walks of life and any age group, however, it is usually associated with young adolescence both males and females. Around 85% of adolescents can be affected in some way by acne. Untreated, it can take over a sufferers life with physical symptoms that include whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples all of which can become infected turning into cysts.

Some people get acne problems during their adolescent years, some people get them during or after pregnancy because of changes in their hormones and some get them when they get stressed out.

There other things that can cause acne, for example, hereditary factors, using oil based cosmetics, living or working in an environment of high humidity, or from excessive sweating, Some drugs can act as a trigger also, for example, lithium and steroids, and believe it or not, excessive washing can be the cause of acne or even the spread and worsen of the condition.

No matter how you get them, there is no doubt about it, acne causes more than just skin discomfort, it causes low self esteem and embarrassment.

When the sebaceous (oil) glands are functioning normally, sebum is allowed to escape through pores providing the skin and hair moisturizing, however under certain conditions, tiny sacs deep in the skin called hair follicles get clogged up with material like dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and worse (bacteria) obstructing the escape of sebum which leads to the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

We do have sebaceous glands all over our bodies with a few exceptions such as the palms of our hands, the soles and upper parts of our feet. However, there's greater concentration of oil glands on face, neck, back , and chest, and that's exactly where pimples are most likely to appear.

Do you have an idea why acne or pimples come out usually before an anticipated event? This is because the body reacts to our excitement. Here are reasons why acne comes out and acne treatment that have been proven to get rid of acne.

The daily pollutants like smoke from cars and cigarettes, as well as dust, that you encounter during the day also contributes to the presence of pimples or acne. These are reasons why you need to cleanse the face with a good facial wash, apply toner and moisturizer everyday after long periods of time outdoors.

Apply moisturizer twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Too much sebum or oil in the face is produced when the face gets too dry, too much sebum clogs the pores which causes acne. A well moisturized face is highly unlikely to get pimples.

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