Say 'No' to Acne with Azelex

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Acnes are a real eyesore on your face. They do not just mar your beauty but rob a part of your self confidence and personality. Though acne treatments and therapies are rampant all over the personal care industry, not a single treatment or therapy has emerged solely successful, without side effects. However, of all the drugs available in the market, Azelex can be singled out for its effective treatment of mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris.

Released by Allergen Inc., Azelex contains azelaic acid cream, a naturally occurring substance found in wheat. Azelex works in two ways: 1. It stops the growth of bacteria on the skin. 2. It reduces the amount of acne-causing natural skin substance keratin.

Azelex anti-acne mechanism
Azelex belongs to a class of drugs known as dicarboxylic acids. A naturally occurring acid, Azelaic acid is found in grains like wheat and is produced by the action of a particular yeast. Azelex or Azelaic acid topical treats acne in the following ways:
Fights off anaerobic bacteria that cause pustules
Reduces inflammation on the skin
Reduces the amount of acne-causing skin substance keratin

New generation acne therapy
A new generation acne therapy, Azelex has a proven track record of efficacy and safety. It has been made after consideration modern woman's lifestyle and cosmetic routines. It acts upon acne through antimicrobial activity and normalization of keratinization. Normally, majority of patients start to see improvement in acne within 4 weeks of application of the cream. Azelex is also cosmetically very soothing and appealing. The cream is mild, moisturizing and does not allow formation of whiteheads or blackheads.

Minimal side effects
Treatment of Azelex evokes only minimal to transient side effects. The most adverse reactions in patients allergic to Azelex or acne therapy are itching, burning, stinging and tingling sensations. Hypopigmentation maybe a possibility in patients with dark complexion.

How to use Azelex
Since Azelex is for skin treatment, it is better to consult a dermatologist before starting treatment. The medication application process is topical. It should be applied twice daily on the affected area. After washing the area with mild soap or soap-free cleanser, pat dry. Apply a thin layer of the cream on the skin and massage gently. Do not do any type of dressing or covering over the cream-applied area unless advised by the doctor.

Azelex cream works in a rather slow yet steady way. It may take from 2 to 4 weeks for the results to appear, but you should not stop using the cream.

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