Relief Of Side Effects Of Acne Treatment With Accutane And Cure For Acne Scars

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You would have thought of using an acne and acne scar treatment cream if you suffer from acne. The individuals who are worst affected by acne are the ones who can benefit most from an acne treatment and acne scars cream. The imperfections of the skin caused by acne can be treated by applying an acne and acne scars treatment cream for facial or body acne while at the same time preventing further pimples and acne inflammation .
Ice pick scar is a type of acne scar caused by loss of tissues. This unsightly scar typically happens on the cheeks. Occasionally it is also called a deep pit scar, or a pitted acne scar. There are different ice-pick acne scar reduction techniques. Removal of acne scarring while on Accutane treatment is generally discouraged for Accutane thins the skin and makes it very fragile, so those techniques for scar removal that abrade the skin or peel it can make it even more fragile and are not appropriate while on Accutane or isotretinoin drugs. This can only be attempted by the use of a product with enzymes that also contains activators of skin regeneration for other procedures that use acids to peel off layers of damaged skin or laser resurfacing or abrasion can not be used on fragile skin without the risk or the certainty of further damaging the skin and causing more scarring.
The use of Accutane treatment has been successful for many individuals who suffer from cystic acne. Cystic acne is a severe inflammatory form of acne much worse than that characterized by pimples or zits due to the fact that the acne is inside pouches or sacs within the skin that get heavily infected and a collection of pus forms inside the body. Cystic acne can occur as body acne or facial acne and is very difficult to control.
Facial acne is more traumatizing than body acne due to the fact that one's face is more likely to be seen by others than other body parts. This is the major reason why there is a wider variety of facial acne scar removal techniques. Problem is that until the launch in the market of a biological product that dissolves scar tissues through the action of 'digesting' enzymes and activators of skin regeneration, none of the abrading techniques or chemical peels or laser burning could be used while on the drug isotretinoin, for such drug makes the skin fragile and thinner and thus very risky to thin it further with those procedures.
Not any more, for now there is a biological acne and acne scars treatment product that works through the action of enzymes that dissolve damaged skin cells and thus scarred tissues while acting in concert with activators of skin growth factors that speed the proliferation of fibroblasts, the cells in the basal layer of the skin that create new connective tissues and all the structural components of the skin that give it strength and resilience.
Reducing your acne is the first step you should take in scar reduction. Acne scars can be corrected, but if you do not prevent more acne from surfacing, you are just going to have more scars to reduce.
Many kinds of creams are on the market for the reduction of unsightly acne. Most people who use them find them to be very helpful. Unfortunately they have adverse effects that although may go unnoticed while on them, and not cause redness or dryness, the long term effect is damage to your tissues caused by the free radicals that those products use to kill bacteria.
An alternative to over the counter medications for acne that are packed with chemicals that liberate free radicals to destroy bacteria is a biological skin care product by the name BIOSKINCARE. It induces the proliferation of antimicrobial peptides on the surface of the skin and inside the follicles keeping microbes at bay. It also acts as an antioxidant, and moderates inflammation for it signals your body it is being taken care of properly and does not need to destroy its own tissues to fight invading bacteria or get rid of foreign matters such as the sebum that has been modified by those bacteria by swelling and pus. It also heals the skin lesions caused to the cells lining the hair follicles by the sudden overflow of sebum when sebum glands become overactive due to changing hormonal levels. And it takes care of dissolving debris and plugs that block pores while also dissolving the damaged tissues and the scarring that form as a reaction of the body to heal the areas damaged by inflammation. In fact it replaces damaged tissues with new regenerated skin cells. Bioskincare even strengthens the skin affected by the side effects of Accutane for it promotes the proliferation of collagen, while replacing damaged tissues with new collagen and elastin and new glycosaminoglycans: The latter are the molecules that hold several times their weight in water and hydrate and provide for skin's elasticity and capacity to withstand pressure and over-stretching.

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