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Difficult to describe the feeling when your child suffers from severe acne and the emotional and physical state which is subjected day and night.
Feeling of dirt on his face along with the physical bringing the boy or girl who is clean.
As a parent, look for the best treatment for your son or daughter, and want to know in detail the treatment procedures, stages and the recovery period.
There are many ways to treat acne, some natural and some conventional (CAM).
Question is whether you prefer to risk your child risky drugs and chemicals, or you prefer the more advanced method, alternative medicine, when it is safe, clean toxins and has no risk to your child.
One properly Arromatrafist is the knowledge that acne can be treated successfully and without any risk.
The phenomenon is most common acne in adolescence but is sometimes the person in my twenties.
It results from an overactive sebaceous glands in the skin, combined bacterial infection.
Food amount too large fat milk streaming into the area of skin. Dirt from the environment, particles of the clothes is constantly accumulated dead cells stick to the skin, creating fertile ground for milk and breed bacteria.
Clogged pores and blackheads are created, those developing infection that causes swelling liquid secreted are known infecting the surrounding tissue.
Haromatrafist can treat acne in several ways.
Condensed oils can be used external to cure the infection and reduce the amount of milk.
The massage will stimulate circulation and release the body of toxins. The most important part is the transition diet therapy, return of toxins and maintenance of skin hygiene.
Cooperation of the patient is essential and can help him / get a sense of helplessness that accompanies this condition.
You can use a variety of oils for acne treatment. Likely to be a therapist to try different oils to find it matches the patient. (Recall that here too there is a connection between smell aromatherapy for soothing the patient - any patient connects to a particular odor based on the memoirs of various smears)
The most ibex oils of lavender, tea tree, geranium, pine, mortars, Giunifr, myrtle, Lmungeras, May Chang, mandarin, Neolithic, roll, Ssandlvod, Pteetgreene, Plmroze, Pfrimant, split, Akgipot, cinnamon and chamomile.
Some of the oils I mentioned Heat oils, which will use only in winter. Lavender and tea tree oils are most effective, because they are fighting the bacteria.
Fat features:
Mortars? Lbergmaut many features that can help treat acne, but should be used only in winter because it is sensitive to light.
Roll - a soothing skin with acne; catalytic removal of dead cells from the skin; re-growth of new cells; suitable for all skin types and may be pregnant from the sixth month.
Ssandlvod - oil heater and use it only in winter; antiseptic, Assetrigante, Arganrtour encourages cell growth; anti fungal; soothes dry skin irritations and itching, itchy inflammation; life and keeps the skin elasticity; sin shrunken.
Pteetgreene? Suitable for use all year round; anti Aspazamudy; anti-bacterial; stimulates cell renewal; balance excess sebum secretion; disinfects.
Plmroze - antiseptic; antibacterial; Arganrtour; re cells; provides moisture and shine; balance sebum; is particularly suitable for dry skin. Regular use may also skate oil wrinkle the face and neck. Great use of the cream (I often combine acne creams).
Pfrimant - anti fungal; shrinks Akphilarym; soothing skin irritation; suitable for oily skin inflamed;
Constricted capillaries, this causes the feeling of cold that makes it easy to skin irritation. I recommend a facial steam cleaning with Ahpfrimant.
Patchouli? Antipongy; Arganrtour; hard and rough; improves the appearance of the skin (cosmetic treatments great stimulant); unknown with ancient cultures.
Cinnamon - only an excellent oil for the winter due to warming properties; excellent facial massage creams compounds.
Chamomile - Antiseptic; anti-inflammatory; severe acne excellent background stress.
Tea Tree - Teeter; fought in all three organisms: viruses, fungi and bacteria; increases the ability of a vaccine against pollutants; antiseptic; strong; Assetrigante; is stimulating the skin, and you can rub it directly on the skin; for acne breakouts that appear before the cycle; rub off combination of lavender and mortars.
Lavender Lavender is relaxing the "National" - speeds wound healing; Arganrtour; anti-inflammatory; safe for all ages; antiseptic; for wounds, skin symptoms resulting from allergies and acne; can rub it directly on the skin (local areas only); soothes nervous tension.
Hadas? Shrinks small blood vessels; for Lkoprozim (a network of capillaries); Antipongy; a powerful antiseptic; anti-bacterial; excellent acne.
Geranium antiseptic; constricted blood vessels; accelerating wound healing; excellent herpes, zoster and wounds; who geranium excellent for cleaning the skin; regulates sebum secretion, thus suitable for dry or oily skin;
Geranium before treatment should be PATCH-TEST test that does not stimulate the skin.
Geranium oil is not recommended for pregnant women, because of its effect on the hormonal system. In May Chang? The oil is mainly used for skin treatment; not irritating the skin; great companion for oily skin acne pimples; great substitute Lbergmaut; not Pototoksi; good for Bahazaaat rest inside; very refreshing; sin; shrinks pores; recommended for use burner or inhalation.
Pine - anti-inflammatory; sin; helps remove toxins from the body; effective in treating acne.
Lemon Grass - A powerful antiseptic; fights bacteria (shown in numerous studies); tonic skin; antiseptic; opens pores, so good for acne treatment is closed.
Salmon Grass can cause skin irritation, and should make PATCH-TEST.
Do not add more than 3 drops in the tub.
Mandarin calms; excellent skin care;
It is recommended to combine the skin peeling mandarin oil or creams.
Oil for tired skin.
Suitable for use in pregnancy.
Neolithic? Antiseptic; Arganrtour; excellent treat wounds accelerates the healings (you can spread directly on the sores a local area only); anti-inflammatory membranes muscles; eucalyptus oil substitute used in treating children and infants Okgipot; not irritating the skin; Good contaminated wounds; excellent treatment of acne, herpes zoster (Apply directly with poodle ears).

I mentioned most of the oils that may help in cases of acne. According to those, Haromatrafist will choose the best compounds. There are four ways of treating acne:
1. Bathtubs
3. Massage
4. Creams peeling

Acne problem before class or between the ages of puberty, there is a natural solution and aromatherapy - treatment without any risk.

* It is important to emphasize that the proposed treatment for pregnant women does not turn. Treatment of pregnant woman is an individual, and only after the woman's diagnosis.

* Note: All Scripture is information only and does not see it as self-care instructions, diagnostic and / or recommendation for one or the other (because every case is judged separately). All consultation and treatment must be given by senior Arromatrafist supervised.

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