Differences between Residential Inpatient Programs and the Florida Model

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Addiction treatment at the most comprehensive and intense levels can only occur in a true residential inpatient substance abuse treatment program. Many people who are seeking help for addiction or alcoholism can be confused about the differences between residential inpatient programs and "Florida Model" drug addiction programs. In fact, these lines are often purposefully blurred because many Florida Model centers would like to sell themselves as a residential inpatient center when they are clearly not. This is an important distinction to make and could mean the difference between a successful recovery and a prompt relapse.

The Florida Model drug addiction treatment center is not defined as a residential inpatient program because clients of a Florida Model center do not live in the same place that they receive treatment. Instead, patients receive addiction treatment or alcohol treatment in one facility, and then in the evenings offsite housing is provided. This type of drug treatment has its benefits, but the primary problem with this approach is that it offers very little structure or supervision. This is a critical consideration because people who have just recently stopped using are generally at the highest risk for relapse.

Unfortunately, the environmental risks and lack of supervision of a Florida Model drug treatment center won't work for many people living through active addiction. In the very initial stages of recovery intense interaction is required and this includes supervision for the good of the client. People who have a serious addiction or alcoholism problem stand a much better chance of success at a residential inpatient center.

A residential inpatient substance abuse program is one where the clients live and receive therapy and treatment in the same place. Constant interaction with addiction professionals is provided and clients are supervised at all times to help them make the right decisions. This type of program is intense and is the highest level of addiction treatment a person can get. Accordingly, there are only a few of these treatment centers available, but their success rates are typically far higher than those achieved by Florida Model facilities. For instance, Recovery First, a drug rehab center that offers a residential inpatient program in Hollywood, Florida, provides more than 66 hours of therapy for its clients each week. This level of commitment yields far better results than less comprehensive programs such as the Florida Model program.

If you or a person you care about needs help for addiction or alcoholism, whether you need a residential inpatient program or something less intense depends upon your personal situation. If you require a great deal of supervision, interaction and therapy options, then a residential inpatient center could be right for you. The first step is to reach out for help and talk to a professional addiction specialist now. You can expect that your call will be free, confidential and with no further obligation. Ask for more specifics on the differences between Florida Model programs and residential inpatient centers and then decide for yourself. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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