DIY Eczema Treatment Tips

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Many people go to the doctors in an attempt to find a cure but are given dangerous drug based options such as Corticosteroids which can have life threatening drawbacks in some people! There are however home remedies for eczema that allow sufferers to control their condition to a point it does not pose a problem! Eczema home remedies has enormous WOW factor as they don't need you to buy expensive products, and most of what they need is available at home or in a grocery stores. Generally, these remedies are harmless when compared to other forms of modern medicines and devoid of any side effects.

1. Neem oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and provides instant relief to the affected skin. In the olden days neem was even used to treat acne, ringworm, athlete's foot and various other skin disorders.

2. Many substances have adverse affects on your skin condition and should be avoided at all costs to keep irritation down to a minimum. Clothing made of wool, polyester and nylon are all culprits in this and materials with rubber and plastic that can be worn are also a problem. If you do want to wear such things make sure you have a covering of cotton underneath to keep your skin safe. Another substance known to be a real issue with eczema unfortunately is soap. Many soaps and detergents have been proven to be some of the worst offenders in eczema flare ups and should be avoided whenever possible.

3. One of the best home remedies for eczema is coconut oil. Used in its purest form, this oil is deeply moisturizing, which can help prevent the irritation from spreading and prevent the skin from cracking. You just need to apply this oil over the affected sites to get fast relief that lasts, and unlike many topical creams, this home remedy smells good!

4. Turmeric is a shrub, related to ginger, that helps relieve eczema pain. Turmeric relieves pain and speeds the healing of soreness caused by eczema. Turmeric is used in teas, powders and liquids.

5. If you are looking for a natural alternative for steroid creams, you can opt for witch hazel. It's cheap and can be bought at any drug store. For better results apply it daily with a cotton ball to the affected skin. Be sire to immediately apply a good oil or moisturizer after getting out of the shower. Avoid using products with perfumes or fragrances. Don't wear clothing that has a scratching action on your body when you move.

6. Chamomile is a flowering, daisy-like, plant that has been used for centuries to relieve pain. Chamomile also has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve itching and heal infections.

7. Application of spearmint leaf juice also reduces eczema. This is one of the best home remedies for eczema and very easy to make! You simply have to get some spearmint leaves from your garden, and grind these leaves to make a paste, this can then be used directly on the eczema regions or you can dilute the paste by mixing water. It will decrease the swelling and the sting of skin irritation.

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