Cpalead Gateway Tips

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If you are familiar with CPALead affiliate program, you must have use the CPALead gateway by now. But didn't you know that you can customize it a little more so it will make your conversion rates higher? This means that if you follow those tips more people will complete your CPALead surveys and your profits will sky rock.

To those who don't familiar with CPALead affiliate program, basically it is a CPA (Cost Per Action) network that will pay a publisher from one dollar to even ten dollar for every survey the visitors to your web site / blog complete. The gateway is a simple code you need to paste into your site so the content will be blocked until the visitor complete an offer.

If your website is a movies site than it is best to configure the CPALead gateway to be open after few seconds from the page load. This will give the user a chance to see the start of the video like a small preview and if he wants to watch it completely that he will have to answer the survey. While this method is great for movie site it is not the best form download sites because if the visitors have time to click on the page he might escape the gateway.

The best advice to increase your profit with the gateway is to customize it so it will look like an integrate part of your web site. Most of the internet users don't like to see ads or popup messages on the screen. So in this way it looks more esthetic and more target to the action they need to complete.

Another good tip is to write on the CPALead gateway exactly what the visitor will get after he or she complete it. This will increase your profit because no one likes to spend his time on something, which eventually will not be the same thing they wanted from the first place.

There are lots of other ways to make money with CPALead gateway such as choosing the write background, font colors and more. You just need to test it very often to see what gives you the best results.

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