Fraxel laser treats skin problems effectively

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For most people, wrinkles are the bane of human existence. While young, your face has that natural smoothness and glow. You might even say your face is very low maintenance' because it takes very little to maintain that fresh look. And then you get in your 40s and 50s and wrinkles begin to show. How do you combat the signs of aging and restore the healthy skin of your youth? Try Fraxel laser treatment

Lasers are advancements in cosmetic medicine that have made it possible to treat skin imperfections with faster and fabulous results but less downtime. Now, Fraxel laser takes these benefits even several notches higher because the laser beam works in a pixelated pattern. It works gradually but results are better because only the targeted skin area gets exposed to the Fraxel laser beam, while the rest stay protected.

Fraxel laser is actually a short term for "fraction" because that's precisely how it works --- only a fraction of the skin gets treated each session. It results in minimal redness than traditional laser procedures. In a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst "prickle" you could experience from a laser treatment, Fraxel laser is 4. The depth of penetration, however, is not compromised; in fact, it's even enhanced, although the goal is achieved in smaller steps than big, risky ones.

The skin may feel hot and look red after the Fraxel laser treatment, but much of this will disappear within an hour. Even if some redness remains, this can easily be camouflaged by makeup.

Fraxel laser restores collagen, a major structural protein responsible for keeping the skin's resilience and elasticity. You lose your skin's natural elasticity as you get older, which is the reason why you get those annoying and unsightly lines and wrinkles.

The best part about Fraxel laser treatment is that it doesn't only results in a wrinkle-free appearance of your skin; it also targets discolouration as a result of sun damage. What's more, Fraxel laser is also a great treatment for leftover scarring as a result of acne. So if you happen to have wrinkles, acne scars and ugly spots on your face, you are a perfect candidate for Fraxel laser treatment.

Another bonus with Fraxel laser treatment is that, it continues to work wonders to you skin months after the actual procedure was performed. This is because the cells that produce new collagen have been stimulated, continuously reducing the signs of aging. The result is radiant, supple, fabulous looking skin.

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