The Ocicat and His Food, What You Should Know

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The Ocicat is one of the most magnificent spotted cat breeds that has the capability to steal any show not only with shear beauty but brains as well.

The Ocicat is considered to be an agouti spotted cat and is said to have originated due to inter-breeding of the Siamese, Abyssinian, and American Shorthair. The body, head and spotted coat should be similar in appearance to that of a wild cat and the Ocicat moves in a natural fluid manner, often keeping low to the ground as if stalking his prey. The Ocicat has a well-muscled, long body with an equally, proportioned long tail. Of all the cat breeds, the Ocicat is the only cat that has spots on her, the kind of spots that you will find on a leopard and other wild cats. The usual Ocicat cat breeds are large cats that have an athletic physical appearance and are quite active pets. If you keep an Ocicat as a pet then you will have to feed him a high nutrient cat food regularly so that it helps in her overall growth and provides her with the strength and agility Ocicats are known for.

The Ocicat is one if the new cat breeds as they were born due to an experimental breeding that took place in 1964. The main aim of the experiment was to produce a different breed of Siamese cats. To the surprise of breeders the result of the experiment was a beautiful and cute ivory kitten that had golden spots. The name Ocicat came into existence because of her stark resemblance to an ocelot. The name of the first Ocicat was Tonga and since then there have been more inter-breeding experiments to get the Ocicats.

Although the Ocicat looks almost like a wild cat, she has a fine temperament and is everything else except being ferocious and hence famous as one of the best cat breeds. The Ocicat can be easily compared to a dog as far as certain temperaments and habits are concerned and the best of all is that she is devoted and loyal pet. One of the best traits that defines the Ocicat as well as separates her from other cat breeds is that she is not demanding but at the same time extremely confident as well as loyal to her owners. Most of the Ocicats make great pets and due to their extrovert nature they don't feel uncomfortable around strangers. One of the things she would love to do is curl up on your lap and stay there.

Another great trait of Ocicats is that they are highly intelligent animal and hence can easily be trained. You can train your Ocicat to fetch and can even take her for a walk at the neighborhood park on leash. They can respond very well to voice commands and can fit in with ease to almost all household environments. Like some of the other cat breeds, Ocicats come in a variety of colors like chocolate, tawny, cinnamon, lavender, blue, fawn, chocolate silver, silver, cinnamon silver, lavender silver, blue silver, and fawn silver.

One of the important things that you need to remember about Ocicats is that they need high amount of proteins and vitamins in cat food to pump up their energy level, for when there running and playing, to make their bones stronger and to sport their trademark muscular look.

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