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Many people have a mole present on some or the other part of their bodies. Most of the times, their presence is since birth. At times they appear at some later stage of life. In the event of the mole being small and if any kind of trouble is not caused by it, then it is better to let them be. It is however more suitable to remove moles that exists on areas like the face and if they are large ones.

The removal of mole comes under cosmetic surgery. This is the reason why most of the insurance companies do not cover them. It is thus the patient who has to cover the cost of the surgery. This makes the option of removing the mole by surgery a very costly one. As a result of this, people often prefer to get the moles removed at home. However the question that arises in their mind is how to remove mole at home?

The moment a person becomes sure that the mole is not harmful, one of the several home remedies can be used to remove the mole. The most common among them being tying the mole with a dental floss. The blood supply to the mole thus gets blocked. This makes the mole wither off after some duartion.

Removal of the mole can also be done with the application of the juices of particular fruits and vegetables that are acidic in nature. A few among such fruits and vegetables are sour pineapples, apples, onion, cauliflower. The juice of these fruits and vegetables can be obtained by putting them in a blender and adding a little drinking water to it. Quick results can be obtained if these juices are applied minimum three time everyday. Garlic is also one of the ingredients that helps in removing the moles. There are high chances of the skin around the moles being burnt, due to the application of acidic substances. To prevent this from happening, some amount of petroleum jelly is applied on the area surrounding the mole, before the application of such substances.

One of the other substances used to remove moles is castor oil. It can be easily obtained from any pharmaceutical shop. One of the derivatives of castor oil has also been approved by the FDA for treating minor skin problems. Castor oil also leaves the skin soft and smooth. A little baking powder is mixed with castor oil and this mixture is applied on the mole. The mole ultimately falls off when this procedure is followed for some days.

There is a possibility of few of the moles being cancerous. As a result it becomes vital to be sure that the one which is going to be removed at home is not cancerous. Prior to selecting one among the various home remedies, the mole should be properly inspected to detect any kind of abnormality if present. If a mole has a mix of colors like browns, reds, tans, etc or if it has irregular borders, it is not a normal mole. Additionally in case the mole starts becoming larger suddenly or if it starts bleeding then it should be examined prior to removing them at home.

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