Happiness With Cute Heartbreak Quotes

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This is might be very confusing and shocking for you but cute heartbreak quotes can really make you happy. It is very well known that sadness is a part of our happiness. Those two states of mind, or as some call even feelings are really connected to each other.

Scientist even claimed that even if we cry it might because we are happy and when we laugh, we sometimes doing it because we don't feel good about our situation and we want in all our hearts to change it so we enforce our self to smile like nothing has happened.

How can someone know if he is happy, when he was never sad? This lovely cute quote has the answer too dualism between happiness and sadness. They are both a part of each other and can not be separated. It is just like the Japanese ying and yang symbols. It also rooted deep in our life from our first steps we took when we were only babies. The simple way to explain it is just to look at a new born baby, he or she smile and cry from time to time and there is nothing wrong with it and it does not always depends about what happened to the baby.

The last idea is that only from the deepest sorrow you can be really happy. There are lots of ways to deal with life little problems, but there come a time that you might say to your self: enough already with walking in this world with a heartbreak, it is time to move on. This is where the decision to be happy can make your life change in a positive way. No matters how bad you feel always remember that cute quotes can really help you with motivation and inspiration.

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