5 Types Of Food That Causes Acne

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Did you know that you can prevent acne if you remove certain types of food from your diet? You will after reading this article on the top 5 foods that causes acne

Certain types of food can clog your primary channels of elimination (your liver, kidney, and bowels) slowing down the elimination process. Once your body sees that everything's moving too slow your body will start to use its secondary channel of elimination (your skin) to speed things up.

And this is when your skin starts to breakout and forms acne.

What type of food does this?

Here are the 5 types of foods to remove from your diet:

Whey Protein, Cheese, Yogurt, and Milk These types of food can clog your liver and congestive toxins to form in your body. When this happens your body will start eliminating product wastes through your skin causing acne to form.
White Flour, White Rice, Or Any Refined Grain Product These foods are like glue in your body. They can clog and cause mucus and toxin buildup leading to acne breakouts.
Excess Sugar, Starches, and Grains If you consumed these food in mass quantity, your body will break them down into simple sugars that feeds candida which leads to acne.
Egg White this type of food is very hard for your body to digest and will slow down the elimination process. It also has a glue-like quality which can also clog your primary channels of elimination.
Cooked Food In Excess cooked food can form mucus and also clog your system. So if possible, eat your foods raw or cook them lightly by lowering the temperature so it will be less acid and mucus-forming when consumed.

Again, these are types of food that can clog up or slow down your body's elimination process, forcing it to use its secondary channels of elimination (your skin) to speed things up but it will also lead to acne breakouts on your skin.

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