Tips On How To Use Glycolic Peels To Enhance Your Skin Condition

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Designed to help your skin renew itself and peel away to expose new skin, glycolic acid is referred to as a form of alpha hydroxy acid or AHA. Glycolic acid peels feature a heavy dosage of glycolic acid alone although some peels may be mixed with lactic acid.

Dealing with aging skin requires the use of glycolic acid peels in frequent treatments . Major facial issues like wrinkles, lines and acne scars can be improved with the usage of glycolic acid peels . Acne sufferers can benefit tremendously from the use of glycolic acid solutions . Due to aging and exposure to the sun, our skin will become slower in cell replacement. Old skin takes much longer to shed. Dead skin cells stay on the surface of our face, causing us to look old . Glycolic acid peels can help in this area because they accelerate the skin renewal process by causing dead skin to drop off from the surface of the skin . Look in the mirror after you do a glycolic acid peel, you'll immediately notice much improved skin which looks fresh and alive.

Unlike lactic acid which is a more superficial peel, glycolic acid can penetrate the layers of your skin very well to renew it from inside out. The use of glycolic acid also helps to promote the production of collagen and can help to fill in wrinkles or deep lines . Glycolic acid peels are a great facial healing treatment because they call for very little downtime, unlike deep chemical peels like phenol peels or dermabrasion . Glycolic acid treatments are an awesome way to enrich acne prone skin and they are also known for reducing oil or shine over time as well .

Glycolic acid peels can be done without problems within the span of half an hour and far faster should you be using a high level concentration that may only be left on the skin for a short time . Glycolic acid peels could be done every week or fortnight because they are not deep peels and your skin recovers from them fairly quickly . Glycolic peels range from 10% to up to the highest level of 70% and the concentration levels should be increased steadily over time . To apply the glycolic peel, wash your face after which put the glycolic solution on a cotton pad and wipe it on your face to leave it for a few minutes (depending on your peel concentration) . Your skin will be pinkish after a glycolic acid peel and any reddishness or so will recede soon enough. It may hurt slightly bit during the application but attempt to endure it; its just the acid doing its job. The use of make-up and sunscreen is important if you wish to go outside or to any social functions right after a glycolic peel because it helps to conceal any remaining reddishness.

Some glycolic acid peels may be left on the skin overnight since they are less acidic or extreme . After placing on a glycolic acid lotion you could then put on something like an anti-aging product to seep into the deeper layers of your skin . What's a great peel concentration for a glycolic peel? Something gentle would be less than 20% concentration while something medium could be 50% and above. This kind of peel is usually recommended for an oilier, acne prone skin. If you've got dark skin color, its better to consult with a dermatologist as glycolic peels may cause you to have blotchy skin with different skin tones . The negative effects of glycolic peels are minor and should not cause any unease. This includes just redness of the skin and stinging during application . How often must you perform glycolic peels? Dermatologists regularly recommend doing a continual number of 6 peels at 1 peel at week. After that you can relax your skin and carry out peels at longer intervals . After a peel you might feel that your skin will be rougher and this could go on for some days before the dead skin drops off . Glycolic acid will help your skin improve its surface. A lot of people have developed clearer and smoother skin after repeated peels. Additional side benefits include noticeable improvements to wrinkles and smaller pores. Glycolic acid peels do work. They have did the trick for a lot of folks. And most individuals do them regularly to upkeep their skin. Attempt a peel or two and you will realize why most are raving about them!

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