Some Ways To Show Your Love For God

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In Christianity there are two deeply famous commandments. One states to like the neighbour, while the other emphasises on loving god with all what you have. One could find it quite difficult to follow the previous commandment. the second is easy one to follow for sure. The most vital reason for that is that it is god only who made you part of the planet. Here are few measures that you can adopt to display your love that you have in your heart for the god.
Know and understand the word of the Almighty. Knowing more about God will help you show your love more and indeed brace your bond with Him. Spend time learning about the Almighty through religious studies and other means. You will decide to gain knowledge of God through church based or private studies. Listening to bible Based evangelizing will also help you understand Him better. As you discover more of God and his many nuances, you may find yourself being drawn in and so, more inclined to show your fondness for Him.
As and when you start learning more about god, you are very likely to feel the connection. This raises the chance of you showing your attention to him in a vey generous demeanour. As and when you progress on the path of understanding god better, it is time to move on to the next step. This step involves worshipping the almighty. It is the sure shot method to communicate the love that you bay for the god in your heart. For his you may either go to a church on regular basis or can even sing songs for the god. Ideally worship of God involves five elements. These elements are receiving the word of the God, prayer, interacting, singing and giving. These are the must follow archetypal elements that will take you close to god.
Christianity emphasizes on the requirement for giving. If you claim to love God, you cannot stay away from the method of giving. It is God who blesses you with everything. The money that you earn and the luxuries that you enjoy are all God's gifts. So, it only makes sense that you share your belongings in proportion with God. Make it a point to share some part of the income with the Lord. And in case you do not stick to the law of giving, you'd be burglars of God. When you are robbing God, you obviously cannot claim to love him.
Ultimately , you should try to obey the word of God as much as you can. The bible gives a good range of axioms on the behavior and code fitting a real Christian. By following these, you will be showing your adoration of The Lord God. Not following his words would indicate that you don't care for Him and thus can't really love Him as you need to.
Just follow these simple commandments and you'll be able to show and convey all the love that you've got for the almighty.

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