Cystic Acne And Pizza Face

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Baring a few most individuals suffer from the acne outbreaks at one point or another. Acne could be simply white & black head to pus filled infections. The common terminology for acne is pimple. A particular kind of acne that causes scars and disfiguring can create havoc in a person's emotional life. People suffering from cystic acne are also called pizza faced or pockmarked as their faces have pits and reddish skin around the acne.

Acne occurs basically due to blockage in the hair follicles. Here, bacteria get trapped with other bodily excretions such as sebum and block the follicle. Sebum is oil secreted by sebaceous glands to retain the moisture of the skin. The blockage formed in cystic acne is quite deep. This causes redness of the skin around the follicle along with tenderness and pain. As opposed to the general understanding, cystic acne is not the result of poor hygiene but a combination of many.

Common causes

The exact infection, which results in the cystic acne, cannot be determined. This is because each infection may have an origin, which is different from another. Many researchers are of the opinion that cystic acne outbreak may have genetic factors also. The reasons being not many individuals have them but they sure seem to run in a family.

Cystic acne leaves a lot of scars. The scars are more deep and severe looking if they are picked or squeezed. By squeezing the pus not only oozes out but also a lot of it is shoved deep into the skin and worsens the situation. Hygiene does not aid the development of cystic acne but there is some research performed which point to the relation between cystic acne and diet and environmental factor.

A bad case of cystic acne may be triggered by exposure to some toxins and also due to excessive secretion of some hormone in the body. Another substance, which is known to cause these painful and dirty looking cystic acne, is anabolic steroids. Adequate treatment and keeping away from these harmful substance help in controlling the undesirable cystic acne.

Possible treatments

One very important thing to remember if one is having an outbreak is to avoid picking or squeezing the acne. Squeezing the pus or contents may provide temporary relief but causes the infections to go deep into the skin and also scars the face. To deal with ac cystic acne it is advised to consult a doctor to drain the pus surgically and treat the infection with antibiotics. This method usually solves the problem.

In those special cases where the above treatment does not work, drugs such as Accutane is prescribed. It slowly treats the problem, but it is advised that accutane should be taken under medical supervision. In some cases aesthetic face treatments such as exfoliation and skin peelings helps in keeping cystic acne at bay. In some others a combination of these treatments works.

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