Mouth Grillz 101

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So you have realized that the piercing, the nose ring, and the tattoo have become all too common. It is time then to get seriously wacky. And what will help you stand apart from the crowd? Let your teeth do the talking ah those neglected, ignored accessories that we use when we eat. What about them?

If you haven't paid attention to your teeth beyond the daily brushing and flossing, now is the time to use them for yes making a fashion statement. Think you have sparkling teeth? Wait until you use mouth grills to understand what it is to have positively dazzling teeth!

A mouth grill is a decorative piece worn over the teeth. The norm is to wear a mouth grill over your top teeth. But hey, who says you have to follow the norm? You can also wear your grill over the lower set.

From a hygiene as well as comfort perspective, it is best to go in for custom made grills. The starting point for having your own custom mouth grill is to take an imprinted dental mold of your teeth. To get an accurate mold, all you have to do is bite down into the mold, keep your mouth still for about a minute, and then, after removing the mold very carefully, let it dry completely.

You can purchase your custom grill kit online, and then make the mold on your own. These custom grill kits usually cost about to a piece. You can then send the imprinted mold to the company of your choice, in order to create the grill. The company will then send back the grill to you via mail.

Alternately, you can visit a local grill seller who will get the grill custom fitted to your teeth. Immediate adjustments are also possible when you are using this option.

Just ensure that the shop or company that you choose has a good reputation, and provides quality products. You don't want a grill that is soldered together it may come apart within weeks. Your grill should consist of one single solid piece.

Customizing your grill involves first deciding on the metal that will be used. You can choose among gold, silver, and platinum. You can also further decorate the grill with small jewels or rhinestones.

What else can you do to give your grill that extra special personal touch? You can have your name (or somebody else's name) engraved, molded, or accented with diamonds across the front of the grill. If that does not appeal to you, you can add charms and shapes to the grill. Use your imagination (or the internet) to identify what you like, and what symbols go well with the personality you want to portray - dollar signs, fangs, peace signs, flower shapes and hearts are some of the options.

Do not compromise on hygiene when using grills. Remember that grills should never be worn when you are eating or sleeping. Take care of your teeth as usual you want the grill to decorate your teeth, not ruin them!

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