Increase hair length and learn how to grow hair fast

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Mane is the major constituent to enhance any persons' attractiveness. Hair pays a vast contribution on the overall look of the person and in turn creates the poise. Women with long locks are often accepted and respected. Usually mostly all the women in the world wish to have long and lustrous hair and to increase the mane length faster here are few guidelines that will surely assist you to get those lovely long strands of locks, which will be your priceless gift always.

- Enhance the blood circulation of your scalp: You can increase the blood circulation of scalp by frequently combing your hair. Gentle brushing of hair removes the lifeless coat on the scalp and the sebum is spread evenly further nourishing and protecting the hair streaks. Hence, to brush your hair properly, you need to slightly curve from your waist and let your head free and then start off with combing your locks. Use a proper hair comb with smooth bristles that do not hurt your scalp. The tangles in the locks need to be handled with extreme care, never rush and gently remove the knots to shun breakage as a broken hair streak is more prone to damage. Start with 30-50 movements and increase up to 100 strokes at least in a day. Do not comb your tresses instantly after a wash; let your hair be in a half dried condition. Prior to a hair bathe, brush your hair perfectly well to avoid knots that usually occur after a proper wash. Cleanse your locks properly at least twice a week, this aids to remove the dirt and oil that get accumulated and may damage your hair.
- Massaging your head and scalp properly: Massaging helps to circulate the blood all over the head that activates the hair cells and further promotes the hair growth. Use warm hair oil and with the help of your finger tips gently massage your scalp in circular movements this induces the hair cells and aids to improve the hair length. Massaging is suggested at least once a week.
- Eat healthy: Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits helps to increase the hair growth tremendously. Therefore, your diet should be balanced and nutritious that rapidly improves the growth rate of your hair.
Conditioning your hair after every hair bathe: Conditioning not only softens your mane but also provides a safe shield on the whole hair streak which further helps
. in an even growth of your hair
- Regular hair trimming: Trimming your hair every two-three months removes the parch dead split ends of your tresses and gives your locks a way to grow healthily. Trimming gives your tresses a healthy look and advances hair growth.
- Bind your locks often: It is a good habit to keep your hair loosely tied, this not only gives you a tidy appearance but also assists your hair to avoid knots and tangles which causes rupture and hence hampers the hair growth.

Few tips that should be attended to improve the hair growth are:
- Never comb damp hair, let it dry a little.
- Never use a hair dryer to dry your hair, as it removes the natural moisture from your hair and thus spoils the hair growth.
- Cleanse your hair with a gentle shampoo and temperate water, as a shampoo with strong chemicals spoils your hair texture tremendously. Remember to wash your hair carefully well.
- Use a broad toothed comb or a hair brush with soft bristles to comb your semi dried locks. Wet hair breaks easily, so let it dry on its own.
- Use natural hair packs like eggs or curds that enhance your hair growth.
- Eat well balanced nutritious diet and have a good sleep.
- Always use your finger tips for massaging and shampooing your hair, and gently massage all over your scalp in round movements.

All theses tips will obviously prove to be helpful and improve your hair growth. Get those long glossy beautiful hair with these simple hair care tips, as long gorgeous hair sum up to your splendour.

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