Homeopathic Remedial Treatment For Acne

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With the rising acne problem among people, the demand for acne treatments is rising tremendously. There are many products available in market claiming to cure acne. However, most of them fail to deliver best results. Unlike other products, homeopathic acne treatment is considered to be most reliable. Traditional acne treatments have resulted in itchy skin, reactions and sometimes caused even more acne. Due to these side effects, people are more inclined towards homeopathic acne treatment.

Acne Realities
Treatment for acne completely depends on the severity of acne. To know the severity of acne, one should know the root cause of it. Acne can be caused due to:
a) Heredity which means that acne problem could be a history of your family.
b) Oily skin caused due to secretion of oil through oil glands located mostly on the T-zone of your face which includes your forehead, nose and chin area.
c) Bacteria build up due to spread of germs.
d) Hormonal imbalance caused in teen age, puberty and even in pregnancy.
e) Improper diet.

Homeopathic Treatment for Acne Cure
There are number of homeopathic treatments that effectively cure acne problems. The best treatments for acne usually include:
a) Hepar Sulphuris Calcarem
This treatment is normally suggested in severe cases where it takes longer time for the acne to heal and also when the acne bursts with excessive pain.

b) Calcarea Carbonica
This treatment in chosen for the acne that breaks out often. The reason for the break out is consumption of sugar. Hence it is more prominent in people having a sweet tooth.

c) Antimonium Tartarium
This treatment can be opted for if the acne breaks out with a large amount of puss. Occurrence of bluish red mark is one of the symptoms for such an infection.

d) Silicea
This treatment is recommended in cases where your acne is formed deep below your skin layer and your body has a very less resistance power to heal the acne. The common symptom for such infection is sweating at night time.

e) Sulphur
This treatment is used when you feel that the acne itches a lot and is about to become reddish. Due to this treatment for acne the itching reduces and makes you relaxed.

Besides these homeopathic acne treatments, there are homeopathic remedies like Hepar Sulphur, Mizoreum and Kali Bromatum that can help in curing acne. These remedies are placed on the tongue and absorbed in to the body so as to be effectual.

Along with these homeopathic acne treatments, a healthy diet is always suggested to keep your body and face clean and vigorous.

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