Old Scar Treatment

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A scar is a pink or brown shiny patch of skin that grew in a place where there once was a sore, scrape or cut. A scar is the body's way of repairing itself naturally from an injury or wound. Old scar treatment will assist in healing these scars so they may eventually fade overtime. Every moderate to serious injury leaves a scar as scarring is a natural part of the bodys healing process. Sometimes older scars can be more difficult to get rid of, but diminishing them is not impossible.

Types of Scars
Hypertrophic scars and keloids are two scars that resemble each other in several ways. Hypertrophic scars are reddened, swollen, puffy, painful, raised and itchy scars. This causes the scar to stand out from within the boundary of the injury and grow only near the immediate area of the wound. They do not get as big as Keloid scars, and they tend to heal themselves. These scars decrease in pain and swelling over a period of time, but the scars do not go away entirely. Hypertrophic scars are usually due to injury or some other type of damage to the skin such as surgery, injections, acne, body piercing, or other skin trauma. They are very common in young people and occur in every racial group. Hypertrophic scars go away with treatment and time.

Keloids are thick, fibrous and extend beyond the wound or injury's site. They are red, raised nodules that become larger than the original wound or injury. They begin to feel itchy, cause pain, and are tender to touch. Keloids can develop immediately or in the months following the injury. Over time they can form a claw like figure on a person's skin, which can be quite disfiguring. Keloid scars can be found on any part of the body, but generally occurs on the upper chest, earlobes, shoulders and upper back. Most people generally do not get keloids, but they can develop after minor injuries, injections, body piercings, acne, insect bites, or surgery.

Old Scar Treatment
There are several types of old scar treatments ranging from over the counter medicines, steroids and collagen injections, to name a few.

Silicone patches can be purchased without a prescription, and companies like InvisiScar sell them online for your convenience. Silicone has been proven to help reduce the appearance of scars by breaking down the tough, fibrous tissues, and InvisiScar's patches are 95% effective on all types of scars, even old ones. Silicone patches have a very low impact, virtually no side effects and can even be trimmed to fit the size of any scar.
When combined with over the counter vitamins and creams, silicone patches can provide an excellent one two punch against any scar, whether it's surgical, burn related or just an old scratch.

Steroid injections go directly into the scar once a month and will reduce redness, burning, itching and possibly shrink the scar. Steroids have very slow healing process, and side effects are minimal.

Collagen injections puff out the surrounding tissue so that the scar is less noticeable, but the collagen must be used for the life of the scar tissue to maintain results.
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