Genital Acne - What is it and How to Correct it Fast?

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Acne which is most often seen on faces can also occur in other parts of the body. Acne can also be found in the back, arms, abdomen, thighs and also the groin area. Genital acne can be found in both in men and women. It's usually known as genital lumps acne. Genital acne is caused for the same reasons as are other types of acne. Acne is caused when the sebaceous glands that produce acne get clogged. This can happen due to the excessive production of sebum. When the sebum clogs the pores and the hair follicles, dirt accumulates and then it also becomes an active breeding ground for bacteria. When this happens, the skin becomes inflamed and this is known as acne.

It's not an STD

When you find that you have got genital acne, then visit a doctor. The doctor can tell you whether it's a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or acne. Genital acne can happen to anyone and tends to happen to those that are more active in sports. It doesn't mean that you are using poor cleaning habits. Instead, it means that your skin is sensitive and has become irritated as pores have been blocked.

Often the cause for genital acne is sweat that has been caused by tight and ill fitting clothes. It can also be caused by sports equipment. Cleaning the genital area regularly with water and mild soap can help to prevent the problem too. Sometimes the acne can also be caused due to certain laundry soaps. You can change the laundry soap and see whether it helps resolve the genital acne or not.

Creams and medications should be used for it specifically

Acne cream or antibacterial cream specifically for the genital area can help to clear away the problem. Even using an antibacterial cleanser can help remove the genital acne. It's important to keep the groin area as clean and dry as possible to prevent any outbreaks of acne.

Those who suffer from genital acne can also have butt acne. Butt acne is very painful and a suitable acne cream should be used. Since you can't prevent yourself from sitting down, take the right kind of medication and ointment. Usually benzoyl peroxide creams and gels are most effective in countering this acne problem.

Avoid popping pimples

To remove genital acne, butt acne and other forms of acne, it's important to get the right medication and continue using it. Remember that sometimes the treatments may seemingly worsen the problem before actually helping solve the problem. Usually the medication will show results within 1-2 months; however, you should read the contents and directions of the specific medication to get a more accurate figure. Never squeeze or burst the pimples and the cysts as it might complicate the matters. Moreover it can lead to scarring of the skin. The bacteria will also spread against the skin when the pimples are burst.

By keeping these different tips in mind, you are far more likely to help identify and correct genital acne. Although it may be a little embarrassing, a little extra research in this area can help you address this problem and give you more peace of mind.

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