Things to Do About Heavy Eyebrows

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Your eyebrows play a major role in forming your overall physique. In fact, eyebrows can make you look younger, older, smarter or plain boring much more effectively than the shape of your face or the creases on your skin would. However since eyebrows can be shaped as pleased, it is not that big an issue for many.

The shape of your eyebrows and their thickness are greatly linked to genetic factors and hormones, and the best shape of eyebrows on a face differs from person to person. It is commonly accepted that very thin eyebrows make you look mean and eyebrows that droop downwards make you look miserable. Again, there can be exceptions. As a matter of fact, some women (even though the common norm is for women to have perfectly groomed eyebrows) look better with their natural bushy brows.

But if you do have heavy eyebrows and feel that they demean your overall look, you can do something about them. Heavy eyebrows are not just an issue among females, but also among males. Thick eyebrows make one looks more masculine. Thus thick brows on a girl may not be an emphasis on her feminine beauty. On the other hand a person who wishes to look mature will find thick eyebrows great on them.

Heavy brows either have a large number of brow-hair or longer hair or both. Either way, there are several things that can be done about them. Since eyebrow growth is mainly control by the bodily hormonal conditions, by controlling the hormone by artificial means, thicknesses of brows can be reduced permanently. But this is a process that takes not just a considerable length of time, but also quite a sum of money. In fact, some prefer not to alter the nature of the body for it can result in drastic unfavourable changes in our systems.

The other popular options to get rid of heavy eyebrows are to either wax/ tweeze them or to treat them with laser rays. In order to tweeze off heavy eyebrows, one must either go to a trained beautician or do it by themselves with proper care and expertise. However one must keep in mind that if this beauty treatment is done improperly it can even lead to infections or permanent growth retardation in the brows. Threading can cause skin irritation and even stimulate acne growth. Even though the overall effect is appeasable, removal of excessive brows can hurt. Since the hairs are only plucked out from the roots (which means the follicle is left behind) hair grows back relatively fast.

Waxing is also an effective temporary way of getting rid of the extra eyebrow hair. Waxing is more painful and can only be done from below the brow. It isn't as precise as threading and if the brow is shaped wrong, you will have to either use eyebrow growth stimulators or wait for a month or two. Research has shown that most waxes in the market are unsuitable for sensitive skin and make your facial skin more prone to bacterial attacks resulting in acne. In fact, hair removal as a whole makes skin more welcoming to bacteria, because it opens up hair follicles. In whatever case using reliable brands of cosmetics, and getting a professional to do the job for you, puts you on safer ground.

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