Nodular Acne Treatments And Symptoms

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Of all the types of acne, nodular acne can be amongst the most uncomfortable. Not only is it unsightly but it is often extremely painful and if left, can develop into more serious health problems.

There are 4 main gradings for acne, grade 1 being simple pimples and whiteheads, grade 2 pustules. Nodular acne is at grade 3. This is where pus has ruptured into the deeper layers of the skin or the dermis and an infection takes root. This infection can damage the skin and created lesions, which then form hard knotted lumps known as nodules or nodular acne.

What are the symptoms of nodular acne Nodular acne is usually one or more hard lumps, these can be highly inflamed and swollen and more often than not, very painful if any pressure is put on them, so trying to get a good nights sleep if you have them on your back or shoulders could be a problem. If extreme cases of nodular acne, they are capable of leaving behind scarring.

If this type of acne is left too long it can develop into more serious acne known as cystic acne, this type of acne is grade 4 and can create very serious problems since the infection goes deeper and spreads more aggressively. Often resulting in professional medical care.

Nodular acne is treated with powerful anti biotics. The job of these are to wipe out the infection so that your body can start the healing process. It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months. During this time it is crucial not to interfere with the healing by scratching or squeezing the infected areas. This can often result in a set back and the acne can return more fiercely.

If you are suffering from the above description, you should not ignore it like you would a normal cluster of spots on your face. The infection is already at a much more advanced and aggressive stage and can lead to much worse conditions in the future. Talk to your doctor about it as soon as possible.

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