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Think about what causes this frequent problem and you'll quickly see that a lot can be done to help individuals minimise the effects and problems it causes.

How can we explain congested skin?

Congested skin is a term that some of us may never have heard with because we'll often call it something else, for example blackheads, whiteheads, blocked pores and a general unhealthiness of the skin. Some might simply say they've got blackheads and while that could be accurate, they could actually be simply the most visible manifestation of a more general problem. However, many people know that the spots or redness on the surface of the skin is a sign of issues under the surface. Although acne and such like are distinct medical conditions, they can all contribute to the more general condition of congested skin.

What causes it?

As you might expect with such a varied category of skin conditions, there are quite a number of potential causes. Some of them come from outside the body, others originate internally. But singling out the known causes is an important first step in treating congested skin.

First, there are the naturally occurring causes. Acne, whiteheads and blocked pores all have similar origins, conditions caused by the inability of waste products to exit the skin at the surface. One of the chief clogging agents is old skin, which is a perfectly natural by-product of of the continuous skin renewal process. Beneath these blockages, natural oils which need to leave via the skin start to cause a backlog and become infected with bacteria, causing redness and texture changes linked with congested skin.

Environmental factors are also very important. One major cause is makeup, which itself can block the pores just as easily as dead skin. One particular culprit is talc-based makeup, which accounts for a good percentage of that commercially available. Unfortunately, many people with congested skin turn to makeup to conceal it and this only leads to further problems. Talcum powder on its own is a big factor. The factor we can do least about is pollution. Even the soot, dust and smoke that are an inevitable part of urban living can lead to blocked skin pores.

Things you can do to prevent congested skin

If a cause is medical, that is, acne-type problems, medical help can be used. Cut back on the use of makeup or opt for more natural versions, and the results could be transforming. Ask your cosmetics vendor what mineral options are available, as these remain on the exterior of the skin's surface, whereas talc-based products embed themselves. And finally, having a healthier lifestyle and diet can have significant effects, too. At the minimum, try drinking plenty of water.


As with most cosmetic treatments, avoiding the problem in the first place and the need for treatment is a much better tactic. The most regularly used forms of treatment are exfoliation and microdermabrasion. The less invasive treatments can be done by the individual in their own home, but in some cases professional help might be the best way to deal with the problem. Cosmetic clinics have experts on hand and a range of procedures available to deal with skin congestion. Congested skin might seem like something you could have to live with forever, but there are plenty of ways of stopping its development or treating outbreaks once they occur. Hopefully you'll be satisfied at the results of some simple steps.

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