3 Steps to Overcoming Acne

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Acne can really become a self-esteem issue when it is more than an occasional breakout. There are many acne products on the market because of the fact that no one wants to have problem skin. Finding the right acne product however can be just as frustrating as the acne itself. Of course with all skin care products there are the expensive lines and the drug store brands to consider. However, the price of a product usually doesn't have much to do with its effectiveness. There are very expensive products that won't work for your acne condition just as there are inexpensive products that will. It is also very possible that what works for most wont work for you. So it really becomes a trial and error situation.
Following are 3 stages of what steps to take to diminish your acne.
Ex: if stage 1 doesn't work for you move on to stage 2, etc.

I recommend starting off with acne products found at your local drugstore. Any product containing Salicylic Acid and/or Benzoyl Peroxide are definitely a good place to start.

Salicylic acid exfoliates the top layer of skin and decongests the skin which causes acne.
Benzoyl Peroxide destroys the bacteria which causes acne.
For spot treating acne, Oxy and Clearasil are great products. Be careful however not to overuse these products, they will dry the skin if overused.

You will find various brands of acne products containing cleansers, toners, moisturizers etc. At first you shouldn't need to buy the entire line of products -usually a cleanser and mask is sufficient - but do be careful of other products you put on your face - makeup especially can clog pores. This can make any acne product useless if you're just doing the opposite with another face product. Make sure everything that you apply to your face is non-comedogenic.

Popular store brand acne cleansers are:

These products are even recommended by some dermatologists for cleansing acne skin because they won't cause excess oil and are very gentle to the skin.

If the previous acne products don't offer the acne relief that you seek. The next step recommended would be to order products from the internet. There are probably too many online sites selling acne products. Again, this can be a confusing and a time consuming search. Therefore I recommend starting with the most popular and probably the most effective acne product on the web - Proactive.

Proactive even has national ads running with well known celebrities promoting its effectiveness. I have had clients and friends who have used Proactive and I do believe in its effectiveness. However, you must use the 3 step system every day in order to benefit from this acne product.

Obagi is another popular acne product that is generally prescribed by dermatologists but can be purchased online.

Because not every person's acne is caused by the same condition (heredity, stress, hormones, etc) it is very possible that even Proactive won't do as advertised for your skin.

For individuals with severe acne a visit to a dermatologist may be the next step. A doctor can prescribe various acne creams. The most popular being Retin A.
Retin A can cause severe dryness and redness to the skin, but this is something the dermatologist will go over before prescribing.

When no topical cream works - the final step will be an oral medication to fight the bacteria internally which would be prescribed by a Doctor.

GOOD LUCK. You just have to put forth the effort and time and you can and will overcome your acne.

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