Odorless Garlic Pills

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Since garlic is a very popular herb for use in blood pressure problems, many people already know it's quite healthy for you. What you might not know though, is that garlic is a powerful infection fighting herb.

The more popular version of garlic unfortunately tends to be the "odorless" pills and capsules found in health food stores. Allicin, garlic's key ingredient, is what causes the odor, so buying odorless garlic ends up being a waste of money. Odorless garlic as an antibiotic or general health promotion herb is useless if it doesn't have its smell.

Entrepreneurs now sell garlic pills claiming that they kill germs and have no smell. The research that I have found shows that if it doesn't smell, it isn't allicin and therefore it hasn't been shown to kill germs. Many studies show that allicin can kill bacteria in a test tube, but it cannot be used as a medicine because we don't know how it works in your body, how to make sure an extract contains the active chemicals, or how to make the proper dose. Enjoy garlic as a food and get its helpful properties as part of a varied diet that includes lots of different kinds of plants.

Increase garlic intake: Take seven cloves of garlic a day will reduce the cholesterol levels significantly. If you cannot stand the normal garlic, then you can opt for odorless garlic pills, which are available in the local health stores.

To get the full health benefits of raw garlic, you have to do just that - take it raw! Commercial garlic pills, tablets, oils and capsules, especially the odorless ones, are often devoid of the active enzymes that provide the benefits. Crushed, raw garlic may be mixed into virtually any meal, or put in gelatin capsules for easy swallowing, or drunk as a tea by simply crushing 1 or 2 cloves and adding hot water.

Garlic does not only keep away vampires. This food can significantly reduce cholesterol in large doses such as at least, seven cloves per each day. Of course, most people eat that quantity in a month, and not even that. If you are searching for a similar effect you could try odorless garlic pills.

Having Garlic in your diet also helps fight acne (as well as your social life) as it can can kill bacteria under the skin which causes acne. There are odorless garlic pills available at most health stores or drugstores.

If you don't like the odor or even the taste of garlic in your food you can buy it in pill form but be sure to get odorless kind, as some are not. There is an aged garlic extract that is sold in stores that has had many studies that claims to be better than just plain garlic pills.

A stronger tasting clove of garlic indicates that it has more sulphur content and therefore more medicinal value. Some people feel that organically grown garlic tends to have a higher sulphur level and hence greater health benefit. Others prefer to take odorless garlic pills or capsules but most garlic advocates believe the processing of garlic to remove the odor also drastically lessens the health benefits.

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