Reflexology Massage Therapy As Acne Treatment In Anonka County, Minneapolis, St Paul And Blaine Mn

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A case study on how therapeutic massage was used to help treat an advanced case of acne vulgaris in a young girl has been documented by Beryl Crane who is the founder and director of the Crane School of Reflexology, as well as a fellow of both the Reflexologists' Society and the Association of Reflexologists. Based on her success, reflexology massage therapy from a professional massage spa can be availed of by acne sufferers. After all, reflexology massage therapy is readily offered along with Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, sports massage therapy and pregnancy massage therapy in reputable massage spas in Anonka County, Minneapolis, St Paul and Blaine MN.

Crane defines acne vulgaris as a condition wherein the oily substance called sebum produced naturally by the skin's sebaceous glands solidifies along with skin debris and plugs the way out for newly produced sebum. Sebum therefore builds up in the sebaceous gland, leading to inflammation. Inflammation contains bacteria which produces pus. The inflamed pus filled pustules are called acne spots. When pricked, they could be infected and could create deep scars.

A 16 year old girl with a bad case of acne vulgaris that had been plaguing her face, chest and back for over a year was brought to Crane. The girl had no success with anti-acne soaps and other over the counter treatments. When her parents brought her to a doctor he gave her oral medication. After taking it for several weeks, though, the girl experienced some unwanted side effects and her other asked her to stop the medication.

Aside from having acne, the girl was also overweight. She told Crane that she had erratic bowel movements. Sometimes she missed a day and sometimes she had loose bowels. She also suffered from excessive sweating from her feet and always felt tired.

Crane was able to elicit the girl's admission that she ate junk food such as snack chips every day and that she drank mostly soda, coffee and tea and very little water. Crane told her to replace her drinks with six to eight glasses of water every day and to eat more fruits, vegetables, salads, chicken and fish while lowering her intake of refined carbohydrates and junk food. Furthermore, Crane suggested that she exercise regularly and get more fresh air while staying away from makeup.

When Crane began the reflexology massage therapy treatments, she discovered that the girl's feet were very tense and that the reflexology points for the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, liver, kidneys, large intestine, small intestine, spine and shoulders were very tender and sensitive. Crane treated the tender points and added attention to the auricular points as well as the TB.6 point on the forearm because this is related to skin eruptions, and the Wind Stream point on the scaphoid fossa on the ear because this is related to skin irritations.

The girl underwent six successive reflexology treatments which were followed by monthly maintenance treatments.
At the end of each reflexology massage therapy treatment the girl emerged with flushed cheeks, looking relaxed and refreshed. Gradually, her acne decreased and even her scars eventually faded.

Reflexology massage therapy may have been singled out by Crane for the treatment of acne but acne sufferers will also do well to try other therapeutic massage modalities as complementary health treatments. They will definitely enjoy the benefits of Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy and sports massage therapy. These therapeutic massage methods will also contribute much to their overall well being, including the continuing improvement of their skin. It would be convenient to try all the therapeutic massage services offered by the professional massage spa they frequent in Anonka County, Minneapolis, St Paul and Blaine MN.

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