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During the 7 years of having acne I always dreamed I would stumble upon that all elusive total acne treatment, one that was going to clear my face completely. Up until a few months ago I was still struggling with finding this total acne clearing treatment. But more about that later. What acne treatments are there? And before I discuss acne treatments I want to make it clear that I do not consider accutane and the other mainstays of the established medical community to be treatments at all, more like throwing a nuclear bomb on the problem, which is all and well and good until the dust settles.

In my late teens after I used the 'nuclear bombs' without success I moved onto more natural ways of dealing with my acne lesions. I had cysts on my face, but also on my back and chest too. This was not what the doctor ordered as they say. And the doctors really couldn't do anymore to help me. It seemed that a natural treatment would be the best way to go but in which specific direction? Well, I pretty much tried all directions. I tried alternative methods of treating the problem such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, herbalism, homeopathy, cleansing diets, detoxes, blood purification, liver flushes, and a long list of herbal remedies and other alternative 'one shot' acne cures. None of these worked so I went onto concentrating on anti-acne diets; mucus free, anti-inflammatory, toxin free, dairy free, sugar free, alcohol free, etc. Don't get me wrong, they are good holistic diets that are beneficial for the body if done correctly, but acne is a stubborn beast that won't fall so easy.

In the end I was fed up with these restrictive diets that an nun or monk would shudder at the prospect of, and it wasn't even making any difference to the severity of my acne anyway. I went back to my normal diet and found no worsening of my condition. It seems diet had been a dead end alley all the time. But I was still fascinated by research into this area, especially nutrition and supplements.

Throughout my acne 'career' I had noticed that some supplements, mostly vitamins and minerals, had soothed the problem slightly, if somewhat unreliably. But enough personal evidence was there for me to decide to focus my attention upon a supplementation solution. I was seduced by the idea that one supplement or combination of supplements could rid me of my acne. To me it was an easy potential solution to implement into my lifestyle. Something I could be doing proactively and live a normal life at the same time. This is something that intensive diet based acne treatments could not boast about.

There are many vitamin based acne supplements on the market but few of them are effective. There is a good reason for this that you should be aware of. A lot of these special supplements are rip-offs, they have no scientific basis for working and unsurprisingly they do not work for the majority who are unfortunate enough to waste their money on trying them. By failing to target the underlying cause of acne they fail to clear the lesions. In this respect the many special acne supplements you will find on the internet are just as bad as the dermatologists accutane. They do not work because they target a secondary mechanism of acne. But at least they are natural and won't do the acne sufferer any harm as long as they don't overdose on it. If they do overdose they can develop nutrient deficiencies caused by imbalanced vitamin, mineral and other nutrient intake.

I have found that a lot of acne sufferers become mini acne experts, and this is to be applauded, but the masses of information on the internet about acne means that an acne sufferer/researcher could spend a lifetime reading articles, acne product information and forum posts, all without finding any answers. Eventually methods need to be tried and money spent. But again the amount of money that can be spent on acne products is astonishing. I spent a little time recently trying to figure out how much I had spent on treating my acne down the years, and I figured it was somewhere near the 12 thousand dollar mark.

I became a dedicated acne researcher about a year ago, and I mean really dedicated. I spent hours reading every book I could get hold of regarding acne, nutrients, supplements and health in general, hoping to find the holy grail- a total acne treatment. It became an obsession, and I was trying a new supplement every week to see it's effect on me and my skin. Some made my acne worse, some were positive for it and some were neither.

I developed an effective methodology for testing, observing and recording my supplement experiments. Each day I would write down the supplements I was taking and rate my skin. I would keep other variables consistent such as water intake. This enabled me to stay focused on the experiment and observe patterns. All the while I was continuing to do lots research.

A few months ago I found a combination of co-operative powerful acne clearing supplements. These work together to balance hormones and cure acne. Simply, naturally, quickly and permanently. It seems hormones were always the underlying factor that needed to be handled to cure acne effectively. And the supplements that do this can all be bought in local health food stores or online supplement shops.

There are many supplements out there that deal with hormones and by using those you will find that your acne will improve almost miraculously. I advise you to move in that direction for an effective acne treatment.

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