An Introduction to Combined Pills – Marvelon and Mercilon

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With the introduction of oral contraceptive pill, millions of women enjoy the freedom of controlling pregnancy. Now a woman can be pregnant only when she is mentally prepared for it. The most effective method so far, for prevention of unplanned pregnancy has been the contraceptive pills. These pills contain artificial version of naturally produced female sex hormones, namely oestrogen and progestogen. Some of the pills contain both the hormones, while some of them are composed of only one hormone. The pills which contain a combination of both the hormones are known as combined contraceptive pills. These synthetic hormones work efficiently in your body to prevent pregnancy by almost 100%. Marvelon and Mercilon are combined contraceptive pills, which protect you against pregnancy.

Marvelon pills are monophasic by nature, which means that each pill contains the same amount of oestrogen and progestogen dosages. The best time to start taking these pills are from the first day of your period, so that you get an immediate protection. In some cases, you are also allowed to take it up until the fifth day of period, but you have to use an extra contraceptive for the next seven days. You are required to have Marvelon pills for 21 days of your menstrual cycle, after which you are to take a break of seven days. During this time you experience a withdrawal bleed, but remain protected from pregnancy. Women who use this pill, also witness benefits in the form of improvement in acne problem, less painful periods, reduction in excess body hairs and also helpful in treating in endometriosis. However, these pills are only meant for women who are completely healthy. If you have a medical history of strokes, suffer from liver diseases, gallstones, obesity or smoke, avoid this medication totally. It is recommended to consult a doctor before taking contraceptive pills.

Mercilon pill is also a combined oral contraceptive which contains synthetic oestrogen and progestogen. However, it has lower dosage of synthetic oestrogen as compared to other contraceptive pills. The reduced strength of oestrogen makes it suitable for women who suffer some side-effects because of it or for women who are above 35 years of age. You need to start taking this medication from the first day of your period, and it would prove more beneficial if you take each pill at the same time every day. This pill has to be taken for 21 days of your menstrual cycle, after which a break of seven days is to be taken. In addition to preventing pregnancy, Mercilon pills also help you to have reduced PMS symptoms, reduced swelling and reduced breast tenderness. You may also experience some side-effects while using this pill, like headache, nausea, decreased sex drive and increased blood pressure. Although, the lower dosage of hormones makes it very safe for women, if you have a history of liver diseases, breast cancer or suffering from hypertension, then it is advised to avoid this medication. You can opt for an online consultation with registered doctors before buying this pill online through a registered online clinic.

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