Can Acne Scars Return After Being Ground Off With Microdermabrasion

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A few months ago I managed to grind off all my raised acne scars with home microdermabrasion. A few weeks ago, some of the scars seemed to have returned. Is this indeed what happened? If so, how can I ensure that they do not return again? Or are they breakouts?

This is a popular question you see people ask on the internet when you browse around on health forums. The truth is that more and more people are surfing from acne scars, and getting rid of them is not an easy thing to do. In this short article, i will discuss more on the question: can acne scars return after being ground off with microdermabrasion? I will also give you some few tips and tricks on how and when to use microdermabrasion for treating acne scars.

It's hard to say without a picture, however scars are usually from deep beneath several layers of skin, that's why they are such a pain to get rid of and take lots of time to heal. So maybe you refreshed your top layer, and now the bottom layers are coming through or you could have new breakouts, if your skin is still breaking out you should not do microdermabrasion as that just irritates your skin even more and creates more breakouts. You should wait until your skin fully heals and is no longer prone to acne then use microdermabrasion. In the meantime a light scrub would be ok and a good facial mask.

You should not also forget that there are so many natural scar treatment options which are great and could be used at all times for getting rid of any type of scaring. The guide I recommend below have some really interesting ones which have worked for me and will also work for you:

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