How To Remove Facial Scars?

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Facial scarring is the result of acne, burns, chicken pox, injury or even surgery and it is especially annoying and injurious to self esteem and confidence when it gets too obvious.

Whatever it is, it has always dealt a blow to self esteem and has always been a challenge to treat. Options vary from laser resurfacing to microdermabrasion and chemical peels but the results are inconsistent at best and usually have many side effects. Such abrasive treatments also can leave their own mark in the form of soreness and sensitivity of skin leaving one unable to apply makeup or any topical cream/gel to affected area for at least 1 2 weeks. People try out these treatments out of desperation, don't be one of them.

The Scarwiper is affordable, effective and guaranteed to remove you scars with the help of nanotechnology.

There are mainly 4 types of acne scars people want to remove,

1.Ice Pick Scars
Ice pick scars are typically deep and narrow scars which form pits within the skin. This usually is a very evident hole and is most commonly found around the cheek region. More often than not, an inflammatory breakout can cause ice pick. It appears as if there is some sort of a hole that reaches into the dermis. Some ice pick scars may resemble a large open pore.
Normally when Ice pick scars occur, infections from a cyst or blemish destroys its way to the skin. Skin tissue is destroyed and leaves an obvious pit-like scar.

2.Rolling Scars
Rolling scars resemble a caved in wave and is normally shallow and wide. On otherwise normal skin, it appears as a caved in wave like structure and does not seem as ugly as other types of scars. Typically what happens is fibrous bands form between the skin and subcutaneous tissue and pull the epidermis inward creating a rolling scar.

3.Boxcar Scars
Boxcar scars have well defined angles that occur around the cheeks and temples. It can appear as round/oval depressions that slope down at an angle. They are typically wider than ice pick scars and are highly noticeable.
During a breakout, collagen within the skin can be destroyed and this leaves the affected skin region little support. As a result, an indentation can occur and these cases can range from mild to severe. Depending on the amount of tissue lost, it can cause a huge dent in one's self esteem.

4.Hypertrophic or Keloid Scars
Scars that are raised above the skin is typically called keloid or hyperteophic scars. These ugly scars can completely ruin a person's sense of self confidence. Very often these can morph into a full blown Keloid scar where tissue overgrows its original boundary, appearing larger than a wound. Unlike the other scars, these scars are formed by tissue overgrowth.

How are Acne Scars different then other scars?
Acne scars formed as a result of acne and look like depressions in our skin. When our skin heals, too much collagen might accumulate in a particular region. And since it occurs within the dermis, the scar is often within the skin rather than on the surface which can make acne scarring very difficult to improve.

Modern science has, however, developed the Scarwiper, a highly effective treatment, sort for treating and removing acne scars.
How does Scarwiper's nanotechnology help to eradicate scars?

Scarwiper like other fabrics is made up of small fibers. The difference is in the size of the fibers. To give you an idea, a strand of cotton fabric under a microscope can be 10,000 times bigger than a strand of Scarwiper fabric. Even the smallest microfibers cannot be compared to in size to Scarwiper's fibers. More appropriately, Scarwiper's fabric should be called nanofibers. To imagine how small it is, it is 1/5000th of a strand of hair.

Scarwiper's nanotechnology helps in 4 distinct ways :
Because Scarwiper's fibers are that of a nano scale, it is able to penetrate the upper strata of skin and consent to the contours of our face. When used, the fine nano strands remove dead skin, grime, dirt, make up and microscopic bacteria effortlessly with water.

When Scarwiper is used with a facial cleanser of your choice, the lather created results in extremely small nanobubbles that deeply cleanse the pores and each and every single cell of the upper skin strata.

Each and every nanofiber of Scarwiper serves to gently massage every single cell that it comes into contact with promoting gentle blood circulation and collagen production to be evenly distributed along the skin's surface. Too much collagen in any one particular spot on the skin can cause either an indentation or raised surface on the skin. Scarwiper's nanomassage prevents just that!

After nanoexfoliation has taken place, new skin cells quickly grow in place of affected wound, scar to create new rejuvenated skin structure. This is called skin remodelling.

Forget Crystal microdermabrasion and diamond microdermabrasion. Nanodermabrasion works better!

Because Scarwiper's nanofibers are so small at 1/5000th of a strand of hair, it gently removes the upper layer of skin consisting of dead skin cells, grime, dirt and bacteria and exfoliates the skin gently without the abrasive effects of crystal dermabrasion and diamond microdermabrasion that stabs and cut into the lower layers of skin. Instead, let these nanofibers gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin.

Scarwiper programmed to remove only the upper layers of useless skin without abrasive action!

Through the advances in nanotechnology, scientist have been able to reduce each strand of fabric to 1/5000th of a strand of hair. This has been precisely done so that it penetrates the upper strata of skin cells, namely the dead skin cells with ease. While these nanofibers deep cleanse your skin, these fibers are so soft that it will not hurt your lower strata of your skin. No more redness! No more sensitive skin!

Skin remodelling and skin rejuvenation
When skin grows in a disorganised fashion, this is typically called a scar.While microdermabrasion can remove scars it is both costly and abrasive. Scarwiper's nanodermabrasion levels the scars over time and induces the growth of new younger skin cells eliminating scars altogether. You won't be fully satisfied till you have tried scarwiper!

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