Niveous Teeth Whitening - Can You Really Say This Whitening Product Actually Works?

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Are you annoyed by the appearance of your teeth? Would like to get a ultra white smile without spending a fortune? One system that claims to whiten teeth is called Niveious teeth whitening. But is Niveous Whitening as effective as other leading whitening systems?

Niveous Teeth Whitening Gel

There are a lot of different products that will whiten your teeth. But to get a great white smile, you need a method that contains carbamide peroxide. Kits, most if not all of them, at your local store do not use carbamide peroxide but instead use hydrogen peroxide.

So if you've used whitening strips or trays previously and were not happy with the result, you are in luck! You were merely using the incorrect home whitening kit. The low-grade kits that use hydrogen peroxide will only whiten your teeth a few shades, while carbamide peroxide will make your teeth as white as they possibly can get.

Niveous Teeth Whitening Gel Application

The best method of using whitening gel for maximum effect is by using teeth trays. Yes, they are not very comfortable, but it is far superior than using whitening strips, brushes, or gel sticks.

The gel must be consistently spread over your teeth and should remain in place in the allotted time. The use of gel sticks and brushes will allow the gel to slide off your teeth, get inside of your mouth, get on your gums, and get diluted by saliva.

Niveous tooth whitening can only be applied by a dentist. The typical way to use the Niveous tooth whitening gel is to use brushes. It will be up to you to question the dentist why he or she isn't a whitening tray.

The Pros

Proven teeth whitener
Uses carbamide
Positive feedback from users

The Cons

Not available for purchase as a home whitening kit
Inconvenient dental appointments
Some experience sharp tooth pain
Inferior gel application method

Niveous Teeth Whitening Verdict

Now that you know more about Niveous teeth whitening, you can decide if its the best choice for you. We know you can get white teeth by using this product, but you'll have to pay much more than using a home whitening kit that gives you the same or better results. In fact, you'll end up paying anywhere from five to twenty times more than buying a quality home kit.

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