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Everyone wants a smooth complexion, and getting and keeping that smooth complexion is easier than you may think. Healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body, and if you want that smooth complexion which will ultimately make you look younger, then here are some tips that will get you started for achieving and maintaining a fabulous complexion.

Following a proper skin care regime regularly will help to bring a healthy glow to your complexion and a healthier skin tone. Using a cleanser suited to your skin type, and especially if you are oily will effectively control blemishes, dissolve makeup and other impurities. If you have dry skin, using the appropriate cleanser for your skin type it will delay the onset of premature aging by protecting your skin from moisture loss.

Applying a moisturizer to your skin daily after thorough cleansing keeps it supple and glowing. Many moisturizers feel good upon application but rapidly evaporate from the skin. A good moisturizer not only helps to keep your skin properly hydrated, but it will last throughout the day. Tip: If you have oily skin, try our Oil-Free Hydrating Fluid and/or Stress Recovery Lotion. Both are great for oily skin, and are oil and fragrance free.

At least once a week, you should exfoliate to buff away fine lines, and diminish coarse or enlarged pores. Exfoliating your skin regularly smooths rough skin of dead cells and pore clogging impurities. Exfoliation stimulates skin cell renewal which helps to slow down signs of aging. Tip: Try Camphor Blend Exfoliating Gel if you have oily, acne prone skin; Foaming Facial Refiner if you have normal or slightly oily skin, or The Ultimate Scrub if you have dry skin.

Drinking lots of water every day helps to maintain that smooth complexion by keeping the skin hydrated. So keep your complexion smooth and subtle by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day.

Too much salt, smoking, and alcohol results in unattractive puffiness and dullness, thus making the skin look unhealthy. Excessive sun exposure not only contributes to the risk of skin cancer, but also causes sunburn and premature aging. The use of a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect the health of your skin is essential every time you venture outdoors. Tip: Try our ultra sheer, ultra gentle Solar Defender SPF UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from burning UVA and aging UVA rays, as well as to maintain a healthy complexion.

The rewards of taking care of your skin will be a beautiful, healthy and smooth complexion. A healthy skin tone will be worth the work involved to achieve it and you will not only look healthier, but you will be happier with the many compliments that will be coming your way.

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