How Acne Can Be Caused By Makeup

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Make-up is an integral part of a woman's daily life. Most women cannot imagine their lives without it. But sometimes this make up can play havoc in their lives. You might be asking how it is possible. Very simple, cosmetics can sometimes trigger acne.

Makeup can contain ingredients that can clog pores and cause acne. There are two main types of cosmetics.

Comedogenic: These types of cosmetics contain ingredients that can clog pores and cause acne.
Non Comedogenic: These types of cosmetics contain ingredients which are less likely to clog pores, giving a greater chance of clear skin.

Acne that is caused by cosmetics or makeup is called Acne Cosmetica. This type of acne is usually mild but persistent causing constant roughness on the skin. You can prevent this type of acne by using non comedogenic cosmetics. You should have proper knowledge about what you are buying and applying to your skin.

There are different ingredients like oils, fragrances, powders etc. that can trigger acne in you. So we will discuss these factors in detail.

Oils: Not all oils in cosmetics are harmful for your skin. Some oil like sunflower oil does not penetrate deep into your skin to cause the clogging of pores. However some oils have the tendency to penetrate deep into your skin causing acne. It is impossible for a person to have knowledge about all kinds of oils so it is always advisable to use oil-free cosmetics for your own safety.

Fragrance: Fragrance is known to aggravate acne in some people. You can try a product before buying by applying it to your wrist or back of your ear. If no irritation occurs than you can easily buy that product for your use. If you are prone to acne then always buy a fragrance free product to ensure your skin remains healthy.

Hair Products: You will be thinking how hair products can possibly affect your skin. It is true that hair products are not applied to the skin. Hair products like mousse, gels, anti frizz lotions contain alcohol and other harmful ingredients which can affect your skin and cause acne. When your hair comes into contact with your face, whatever is applied on your hair is transferred to your skin thus sometimes causing acne.

Powdered Cosmetics: Mica is found in most of the powdered cosmetics like blush on and eye shadows. Mica has the ability to clog pores resulting in acne. The quantity of mica is greater in shimmery cosmetics as compared to matt cosmetics. Greater shimmer indicates greater quantity of mica. It is advisable to use cosmetics having written non Comedogenic on the label or use less shimmery cosmetics.

In the end we can conclude that you can use as much cosmetics as you want but be careful while selecting the products. Careful use of cosmetics can save you from acne cosmetica.

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