Get Rid Of Hand Redness Or Skin Peeling In Winter

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The article describes the dryness of the environment in winter season and effecting your skin specially hands and enlighten how it deprives skin of moisture and causes water to evaporate very quickly causing redness of hands and how can you take care of your hands during winter.

It is necessary to have a winter skin care routine. If you will not change your usual skin care routine it will affect your complexion in winter. Usually in winter most of us suffer from reddening and peeling of skin. Our skin starts getting drier and the cold weather makes it rough that's why it starts reddening. It is some kind of inflammation caused by drying and low temperature. You need to use some protective cream which moisturizes your skin and stops it from drying faster.

Mostly our hands are affected by this frost, wind, dry air. So to avoid this problem you need hand baths with some simple additions oak bark, milk, sea or table salt, bark of bird cherry tree. Here you'll find some original recipes, which will help you to make your hands smooth and white. Generally in the cold seasons wear gloves or mittens. It protects hand skin from drying and reddening. Apparently a little warm milk will soothe away the redness in your hands if you rub it into your hands each night.

When your hands become red, you can make cycle of bathes from cold and hot water, alternating them. That is so-called contrasting hands-bathes for you. Repeat the procedure 10-15 times finishing with cold bath. Before sleep massage with nourishing enriched cream is recommended.

Every day wash hands with warm water adding some drops of milk or cream. Redness of hands will disappear little by little. Bathes with sea salt have great effect in this case. Take 200 g. of sea salt and add 1 liter of water and boil for some time. Then cool a little and you'll get hot sea water. Put hands into it for 15 minutes and then put hands into cold water for 5 minutes. Repeat some times. After this procedure, put any cream on the hands.

For skin, which is too sensitive to super cooling, you'd better to make hands-bathes from bark of bird cherry tree. To make such decoction, take 2 table-spoons of bark and add 1 liter of water. Therefore in winter avoid using things that deprives skin of moisture washing gels, lotions and tonics, and also soap in any kind. We recommend you to use gels on thermal water basis. Use environmental protection creams, these creams build a barrier between your skin and the cold, dry winter weather. Use a good, bland moisturizing cream frequently.

These tips will help to prevent what is commonly known as winter itch or redness of hands. As one age and gets older each year, the likelihood of suffering from winter itch is even higher.

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