Top 7 Natural Acne Remove Fast From Face

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The blackheads you see on your face will soon turn into painful and ugly acne spots. Over 80% of young adults are affected by this chronic condition. Acne occurs due to various reasons. Sometimes it appear by using lotions or cosmetics that harm your skin and causes acne. Acne also occurs if you don't take care of your skin properly. Wish to treat acne naturally? If yes, then you have a slew of natural acne treatments to choose from. But, there are a few natural acne treatments that work better than the rest. Acne home remedies offer a safe and effective way to remove acne marks. With these natural remedies for acne you will have a lesser chance of side effects.

1. Did you know that ample sleep can help control problem skin? Perhaps not! Sleep is your body's natural mechanism to repair the wear and tear of your skin. When you are sleeping for enough time, your skin is nourished and in a position to generate new skin cells. There are many people who deal with breakouts primarily due to lack of sleep. Get yourself 6-8 hours of sleep and see the difference it will make to your skin.

2. Take two teaspoons of gram flour and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Now add a teaspoon of rosewater and a teaspoon of milk to this mixture to make a paste. Apply this on the face, leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Then wash off with lukewarm water. Gram flour aids in acne control and acne scar removal, by preventing excess sebum production.

3. Always keep your skin in perfect cleanliness, never sleep with your make-up on, like many teenage girls are tempted to do because they are too tired to remove their makeup before going to bed.

4. Cleanse your face in the morning and evening with a gentle, oil-free cleanser to remove excess oil from the face. Blackheads are not caused by dirt, so do not use harsh, abrasive cleanser and do not scrape and scrub the skin harshly as it may damage the sensitive skin and the pores. This is one of the best natural acne treatment.

5. This may be surprising but ice cubes can be of significant help in treating acne. However, ice cubes work only as preventive treatment. Using them when you expect a pimple to pop up can avert the formation of the pimple.

6. There are a host of acne skin care products that are available in the market. Out of these, herbal topical medications with ingredients such as Aloe vera and calendula, are especially known to reduce acne scars from the face. You may consult a dermatologist regarding the kind of herbal topical medication that will suit your skin-type.

7. Lemon juice is a citric acid which is a part of AHAs group which is an effective home remedy for reducing the acne scars. This removes the dead skin cells, helps in the growth of new cells and gives elasticity to the skin.

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