Blackhead Remover Tool

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If you struggle with blackheads and other forms of zits then you've probably tried all kinds of magic potions to treat yourself. Many of these so-called fixes do not work at all. They mislead you into squandering your money, putting up with side effects, and going to awkward doctor's appointments and then they don't work in the end, or they do work but just aren't worth all the hassle. Thankfully, you don't have to choose between clear skin and a full pocketbook. A blackhead remover tool may be the only trick you need to remove blackheads naturally, without harsh substances or high costs.

A blackhead remover tool is a small stainless steel implement that is commonly used by skin doctors and estheticians to extract stubborn blackheads. It is affordable and widely available, and is much better for you than squeezing blackheads to try and get them to pop. Please do not do that! You could end up with scars and contaminated skin pores. Rather, you just use the small metal loops on a blackhead remover tool to apply gentle pressure to a blackhead and extract the contents. Because you don't touch it with your fingers, you don't risk infection by spreading new germs to the open blackheads.

A preferable solution is a blackhead remover tool. This is a small stainless steel implement, a little bigger in size than a pair of tweezers. It has a metal loop on each end which is designed to fit around blackheads and pressure them to release their contents.

Before you get to work with your blackhead remover tool, make sure that it is completely sterile, and that your face is prepared and ready to go. You should wash your face, tie your hair back if it is long, and treat your face with steam to soften and enlarge your pores. Without hurting yourself, stand for 5-10 minutes over a pot of boiling water with a towel draped over your head to catch the steam. This steam treatment will do an excellent job of preparing your face for the blackhead remover tool to accomplish its magic.

Soon after you have prepared your face, go ahead and use the blackhead remover tool to remove blackheads one at a time. Simply place one of the metal loops on the surface of the blemish and apply gentle downward pressure. If the blackhead doesn't release its contents, replace the blackhead remover tool and try again. You do not want to force it, however. You may not be able to get all of them in one session.

After you have extracted all blackheads, apply a gentle antiseptic cream to your face to further reduce the risk of infection. A blackhead remover tool works great in conjunction with other hassle-free, natural remedies for acne. Some people swear by the application of lemon or lime juice with a natural cotton ball, and others prefer to use a facial mask of honey. Yet others find that cleaning up their diet and ensuring to drink plenty of water is the long-term solution that they need to improve the health of their skin. Whatever other strategies you utilize, your blackhead remover tool can help you remove troublesome blackheads when they do appear, and will leave you with no scars or infections.

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