How To Prevent Acne And Keloid Scars

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For those of you who are prone to keloid formation and its subsequent scarring, you are familiar with the exasperation, inconvenience and sometimes even psychological pain that it causes. These tips-which don't cost you any money and which you can do right away- will help you to lessen acne breakouts and therefore cut back on the amount of keloid scarring that you have.
Keloids develop as a result of some trauma to the skin. So when we avoid the things that cause acne breakouts, we are stopping this vicious cycle before it can begin! Here is how: by making minor modifications in our beauty products that we use, our diet and our wardrobe!
Step #1 for Preventing Acne and Keloid Scars
Sometimes we don't think about the results that our beauty products can have on the delicate skin on our face. The truth of the matter is that most hair sprays and styling gels are full of oils that could clog our pores and lead to acne. That's why it is helpful to cover the forehead and face when applying these products.
Even our skin care products can bring about problems! That is why any creams that are used as a natural acne treatment or for scar removal should be non-comedogenic (or non-acnegenic) and oil-free. This means that they will not stop up our pores and lead to more breakouts.
Step #2 for Preventing Acne and Keloid Scars
The inflammation that causes bad acne could come from within as a result of our diet. We may be sensitive to certain foods and the resulting reaction may manifest itself on our face! It may be helpful to keep a diary of what we eat along with a record of what condition our skin is in.
Step #3 for Preventing Acne Scars and Keloid Scarring
Regardless of the newest styles, those of us who deal with acne or acne scars on our back or chest should avoid tight clothes. Clothes that rub on our skin irritate the pores and inflame areas that are prone to acne. Applying a natural acne treatment cream on these areas will also help lessen the inflammation.
Anything that causes irritation to certain areas of our body that are prone to keloids will cause itching, pigmentation or aching. Therefore, it is better to wear loose clothing that does not cause chafing and formation of additional keloids.

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