Are You Causing Your Face To Breakout With Acne?

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Whether your are a teenager or adult, do you seem to be plagued by acne not matter what you try to do? Are you one of the countless people that scrubs your skin once or twice a day, only to see new breakouts each morning when you look in the mirror? If so, you may by contributing to your condition without even realizing it. Below are some of the common ways that people cause acne when their intention is to be fighting it.

Are you examining your skin in the mirror and popping all of your existing pimples? If this is you, you may be spreading bacteria all over your face and you move your hands around. Resist the urge to do this. Let your pimples heal naturally or through treatment. If you feel that you must pop them, limit yourself to once a day. Clean your face before and after you do this. You many also consider using a light astringent like Witch Hazel, to close the pores and kill the bacteria.

Do you slather your face with all different types of cleansers, creams and any over the counter acne product you can find? All of these many be contributing to the problem as well. Using all of these different chemicals on your face can dry it out and make your skin vulnerable to infection. Use one product at a time, read the instructions on the bottle first and use accordingly. Look for products that are hypo-allergenic and stick to the way to use this product.

Are you harshly scrubbing your face in the morning and evening. Even though you are trying to remove all of the dirt and grime, this can be another contributing factor. Just like harsh chemicals, harsh scrubbing can leave your skin vulnerable to redness, irritation and infections. Light scrubbing with a gentle cleanser is all that is necessary to clean your skin

Are you getting adequate sleep? Skipping sleep, say going to be really late one evening and doing this a few times each week, can also make your skin prone to more acne breakouts. You should try to follow a routine. Work one out, where you follow the same routing daily, including taking care of your skin the evening and going to sleep at the same time each evening.

Do you drink too much caffeinated soda and coffee rather then balance it out with lots of water each and every day? If you are doing this, know that drinks with caffeine can dry out your skin. Always choose water if you can, if not try Green Tea. It's healthy and refreshing.

If none of the above apply to you, you might consider seeing a dermatologist. There may be some other condition that you have where acne is a byproduct. And this other condition may need treatment first. Or it just may be that your skin needs professional care. Follow your dermatologists instructions carefully. Only use what your doctor prescribes.
You don't have to continue to suffer from painful and embarrassing acne any longer. If you can see some of your behaviors listed above, start to make the necessary changes. You will be pleased with the results.

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