The Benefits Of Treating Acne Scars Naturally

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Acne scars can have a major impact on how you see yourself. They can influence self-esteem and destroy confidence. Some of the treatments out there are very extreme. Plastic surgery and laser treatments are often used to correct this scarring. However, these are as expensive as they are radical. Before investing in these methods, consider some natural acne scar treatments.

The use of lemon juice to fade scars and other imperfections is not an old wives' tale. The acid in the lemon will lighten and even fade some scarring. It is important to use an actual lemon. Using packaged lemon juice is not the same. It has often been treated and has other ingredients in it that can be counterproductive. Squeeze out some juice from a fresh lemon. Use a cotton swab to apply it to the scars. Let it soak into the skin for about ten minutes before rinsing.

Dry skin can make scars stand out. It is important to help skin repair itself. Olive oil and almond oil are two options. These will moisturize and help create a more even skin tone. There are also essential oils that can be added for more of an effect. Lavender and sandalwood are known to help soothe and promote healing. Lavender oil is often used as an acne treatment, and can act as a scarring preventative. Gently massage either olive or almond oil into the affected area. A few drops of lavender or sandalwood can be added as well.

Skin that is inflamed will often have glaring acne scars. Reducing this inflammation can in turn help in the treatment of these scars. There are two ways to soothe skin in this manner. One popular way is with cucumbers. These are known for reducing inflammation. They can be sliced and then set on the affected areas. Relax for ten to twenty minutes before removing them. The other option is to use ice. This is an immediate way to soothe skin that is irritated. It also shrinks pores.

Egg whites have also been known to improve skin by minimizing scars. Separate the yokes, and use a cotton ball to apply the egg whites to the scars. They can be left on overnight to help skin repair itself.

Acne scars do not have to take over your life. Most people have scarring that is able to be treated by natural means. In other words, most cases do not require surgery or laser therapy. Select a method that is simple and stick with it for a few weeks. If it does not work, try something else. Everyone reacts differently, so do not panic if the first treatment does not bring results.

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