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A lot of researches have been done to learn more about how to get rid of acne. By knowing the symptoms and causes, there is now a new hope for people who suffer from acne.

Many people who are quietly suffering the disfiguring and painful effects brought by acne will definitely be happy to know that it is definitely a possibility to eliminate acne. Such unfortunate skin condition has brought about inconvenience to adolescents and for severe cases; they could be affected psychologically and emotionally. In recent years, lots of researches have been done to find what are the symptoms and causes of acne and medical researchers are developing new and more effective treatments for acne.

What Are The Real Causes Of Acne

The real causes of acne have not been fully understood yet although research have been ongoing till now. A common accepted theory is that acne is resulted from bacteria which form around the hair follicle. To get rid of acne, it is important that with each step of understanding means there are more possibilities to at least suppress part of the symptoms of acne.

What Are The Past Treatments

In the past, getting rid of acne mainly involved harsh soaps and rubbing the skin vigorously. This way of treating acne is based on the assumption that acne is the result of germs and dirt accumulating on the surface of the skin. No doubt a good skin cleansing solution is important in keeping the skin clean, as cleanliness will definitely help strengthen the defenses against bacteriological agents, this harsh remedies of the past is now no more useful and more effort are put in to find more effective measures.

Recent Efforts Done In The Studies

To be more effective in getting rid of acne, more researches have been done to treat the underlying causes of acne which have roots just under the surface of the skin. The bacteria that form around the hair follicle, together with the sebum produced can now be treated by means of breaking up the pockets and strengthening the body's natural defenses to fight against the results of the conditions leading to acne.

Restoration Of The Skin

These days, dermatologists not only are the ones leading the effort to eliminate acne, they also add on restorative techniques of the skin for the overall treatment of the patients. Techniques such as chemical peels are commonly used to help reducing the after effects like scarring resulting from adolescent acne.

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